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Apr 12, 2017
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South Coast, NSW
Hi folks,

Needed to get a detecting fix regularly but with the bush being so overgrown, an alternative “therapy“ was needed to fix the withdrawal symptoms. Decided a couple of weeks ago to start using my Equinox 800 on the beach. I’m new to this type of detecting so I will be asking for help from time to time with identification of some of the stuff that I unearth. Quickly found out that this is a lot of fun and is an easy way of spending a couple of hours. Love the learning curve in relation to reading beaches and am enjoying the hunt. I have been finding a bit of loose change and the odd older coin as well as plenty of sinkers. Anyway, here’s the result of yesterdays hunt. (Excluding rubbish)

A nice little spendable haul (forgot to add a few brown buggers) and a few sinkers. The lead is actually a real bonus as I can melt them down and make snapper sinkers which are becoming quite expensive. Ended up with a couple of brassy coloured washers with the number 375 stamped on the inside. Might be able to use them as spacers on my next building project. Would be nice if every day turned out like yesterday but previous hunts give a reality check. Hope to get out again in a few days to enjoy the beautiful autumn afternoons.


Les, top hunt.... find enough of them 375 washers and you could use them on a nice rod build, or just throw them in with the lead for your sinkers..... bit of extra heat and they'll just melt right in.
An 8OZ snapper sinker from that stuff would be rather nice. ( it may be even heavier than lead. Not sure on that one. I know that the pure material is)
It is relaxing and quite enjoyable. Wish I’d started this years ago. Went out again for a play this morning and followed a cut in a long beach for 2km. Ended up with plenty of change. Many of them had been in the sand for quite a while. Will see how they clean up. One junk ring and a 750 pendant. Also scored an unusual coin. Not sure what to do with it at this stage. Any suggestions for getting it a bit cleaner without acids?


Hi Folks,
Went out for a hunt on a new beach yesterday. Found mostly spendables. They were all located in one small area below a cut in the beach. The tide was high so it was a dry detect. As the beach repairs itself after the big seas from last month, the coins are getting deeper. Pulled a lot from knee depth holes. Talk about a good workout. Found one junker ring and a small silver pendant.
As per most hunts, 5 and 10c pieces dominated the day.
A mate and I worked a cut in the beach yesterday afternoon. Looks like there may be some potential if we want to get wet feet. Will wait for the seas to settle a bit and go for another look. Nothing of any value turned up except for a chain and one ring. The chain is in bad nick and the ring needs a bit of a clean up to see what it is. Not sure how to clean the ring yet. Any thoughts?
I've found similar lots of very brown 5, 10 & 20c and only a few modern dollar coins detecting on my little beach on the river in Maroochydore. Lots of one off ear rings.... but the most annoying thing is heaps of sinkers 🤨 I am sure that someone thinks it's a good joke to throw them around for me to find. ** BUT!!! If you do detect around the beach areas up near the trees, beware that you might pick up used needles in the sand and surprisingly stuck in the trees! So I find myself doing a community service by disposing of these dangerous things that kids could find.
Cleaned the ring last night and it came up quite well.
A couple of questions for the wizards. Any idea on what the stone might be? The hallmark came up as 925 with a trailing P. What does the “P” stand for? The T id for this ring was 21 to 23. Sounds a bit low for silver. Any thoughts?



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