Goldpick's 2020 Deus & Equinox 600 finds

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Great bunch of finds. Congrats.

Good looking token and getting a bit of bling with colour and a stone still on is a real bonus too.
It was actually the third token found so far, forgot about the Holloway's one found in a town park many moons ago. If anywhere they seem much more common on the Vic goldfields than around here.

I managed to bust the charging clip on the Deus, that's the third one so far. Ended up ordering a more solid computer printed version from the US, so will see how that will pan out.

Have tried my new 6" coil on the Equinox at another house site and managed to find some predecs missed by others, so am pretty happy on how well it separates targets amongst the junk. :D
Windar said:
Really enjoying your finds. You have some great history down there in the green triangle

Thank you, yes we do have a fair bit of history down here, surprising we don't even have a museum in the Mount - we used to. :|
Continuing on at the same spot again yesterday, did about six hours with very few decent targets other than the many usual lead and cartridges. Right towards the evening I got two decent target tones, the first which I swore was gong to be a coin, though ended up bein g a round brass disc, and the second was thankfully an 1873 Vic sixpence which saved the day. :D







Targets are starting to get a bit scant now, which results in digging many targets that you might otherwise ignore (initially). Glad I did chase after such targets as it resulted in yet another bucket lister, my first ever silver thimble after years of digging fragile or crushed copper versions. It was sitting upright in the hole (thin section for the coil to pick up), and was quite deep - almost pinpointer deep. The Paris buckle is dated 1863, and next to that is a patterned broach that buried next door to the buckle.

One of the last targets of the day was the renmants of a wooden handled pocket knife, seem to find quite a few of these around the 1800's sites - they certainly do not age well. ;)







A short run today at same site as previous due to the wet conditions. Found a beautiful 1860 shilling that had been overlooked due to flattened can sitting at a shallower position just off to the side of the coin. Not too much else after that other than yet another door knob, pocket knife, small buckle and assorted lead and cartridges.







Has been such a long time since I last posted, I had to go back through my thread to see where I last left off. :argh: Anyway, I have only done a couple of hunts, starting to get back into it now I am on annual leave. First two localities were the usual ex-forestry sites with the Deus and HF coil - WW2 era onwards usually, with the odd earlier coin lying around. The second spot had me digging to pennies and a half penny from the same hole, along some iron nails hence the iffy target tone.

The last location was an early 1800's inn site which has been done to death by myself and many others. Still managed to pull a couple of low conductor buckles and button with the Equinox 600 fitted with the 6" coil. I like that coil a lot, goes deep for its size, is featherweight to swing and really gets between the iron to liberate overlooked items. Taking a different tack, I ventured further away from the inn site and tried some of the swampier areas where people might have set up camp back in the day or dropped items whilst going hunting. First few targets were promising being musket balls, then had a solid 26 on the Equinox oncthe sandy slopes of the swamp edge - beauty, 1816 Bullhead KG3 shilling. That's probably my fifth KG3 coin from this site, all silvers so far, plus one King William shilling.

That's why I persist at this site, not much around, though well rewarded with some really old coins if you are patient and cover a decent chunk of ground. Still can't believe I found that madly swinging that 6" coil, talking about lucky - will probably head back tomrorrow with the larger coil in tow, hope you enjoy the pics. :D



















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