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Chris Johnson
Nov 7, 2013
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Mount Gambier
This hunt was from back in Sept, probably had a half dozen attempts at liberating finds around an old stone cottage in the past with good success. Despite getting the feeling that finds were becoming hard to locate, still pays to stick to your guns and concentrate of those deeper and dodgier tones.

The florins weren't classic high tones, more like scratchy highs amongst more prominent iron signals - so much so that I didn't hear the second florin until the hole was excavated and some contamination was removed.

The fob watches were also not very good signals despite their size, just targets worth investigating after many of the good ones no longer existed. The lead Indian is pretty cool, pity he is not complete - he now sits on my missus's bedside table, she loves him.:)IMG_20230102_230413.jpg IMG_20230102_230449.jpg IMG_20230102_230551.jpg IMG_20230102_230623.jpg IMG_20230102_230704.jpg IMG_20230102_230743.jpg IMG_20230102_230819.jpg 20220905_223446.jpg IMG_20230102_231228.jpg IMG_20230102_231326.jpg

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