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Apr 2, 2024
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Hi everyone,
Long time lurker here so decided to sign up.
I don't yet have my own detector so been borrowing mums SDC2300 when I can. Keen to grab her GPZ7000 soon to try as well.

I've been out on a couple of trips to Bendigo in VIC and also done some beach work in Torquay. Found fair bit of junk in Bendigo but did okay at the beach with coins and jewellery (and a ton of tent pegs). Just dig every target with the SDC.

Anyway I'm in the process of looking for my own detector just deciding which way to go. I've narrowed it down somewhat to:
Used older SD2000-2200 possibly modded.
Used SDC2300
Used GPX 4000 or 4500
Deus X2
Nokta Makro Legend

I'm leaning more towards the PI than the VLF as really want to hit goldfields more than beach but it may be a 50/50 split so not 100% sure yet.

Welcome to PA, Noodlez.

All of the above detectors are known goldfinders except for the Deus - I haven't heard of anybody successfully using one of those to find nuggets in Australia.

The PI's are certainly much easier to drive in mineralised goldfields ground than the VLF's, your mum's GPZ being the only exception, as it's based on a very different circuit design than all other VLF's.

The SDC is simple, straightforward and sturdy. Just grab it and go, working slowly and carefully, with the coil close to or on the ground. The other PI detectors have more of a learning curve to understand how the various controls work/interact and also coil choices to think about. Of course your budget might make the choice for you. :)

Decisions, decisions!

Good luck whichever you choose.

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