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Dec 27, 2015
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6000 For Sale,......... $7,300 open to offers ( Less than 4 months old)

11 Inch coil Mono Coil,

14 inch Double D Coil

17 Inch Mono Coil with spare Skid Plate

Minelab ML100 Wireless Headphones, with wired Headphone cable.

Wearable Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Torus 5.0 HD Low Latency Neckband Hands Free, Purchased Feb 1. Read great reports on Oz and US Forums about the unit. Its never been used, other than initial confirmation that it works.

Minelab Harness, as new never used, has additional Tabs sewn in for CB, GPS etc

Screen and Body covers, (Double D Leather)

Chargers 240 Vac, and 12v with plug, another set with clamps.

Belt Pick Holder as new.

Quick Start Guide & Instruction Manual

Plus Test Piece of Gold

Receipts available

Good value at the listed price, ie new 6000 $7999, + 17inch Coil $529, Covers $100, Avantree Torus $150, Total $8,778.

This detector is under 4 months old purchased from Nenad, (total use 19 hours),with 2 years 8 months+ transferable warranty. It found gold in the Leonora area in early May.

Genuine reason for sale: We had agreed to caretake a Mining camp and leases in early May (we had found gold here in years prior) and 5 days prior to leaving I had a call from the current caretake who had a death in the family, he was devastated, had cancelled his Hotel bookings in Perth and was staying put, and our caretaker role was not going ahead.

We normally go to WA in June since by then its cooler detecting weather than May, anyway I emailed a WA friend who has 50 plus leases in WA and he sent me an analysis report of the leases for me to review and detect on specifically in the Leonora/Lennister/Laverton areas. So we decided to go early and travelled to WA and Camped on a pending lease.

The first day of my wife detecting with her new 6000, it was hot, she was determined to find gold there since she had found some with her Minelab 2300 last year. After 2 or 3 hours we called it quits. However, that night she had a heart scare and the following morning told me that she would not do any more detecting for the trip. ( had a stint inserted 18 months ago)

For the next 5 days she sat in our Cruiser with our dog Charlie, in mostly under shady of trees but it was still hot. I decided to call it quits come back home and sell our detectors (my 7000 and her 6000) since we do things together, and if she cannot detect, worried by possible health issues and because of our remote location (either in WA or Tib) neither will I.

We have gold detected since 1975, each having Minelab 1500’s,1600’s, me a Eureka Ace, then both, 2000’s, 2100’s, 2200’s, 3000’s, me a 3500, 4500’s, she a 2300, me a 7000 and she, her 6000, so we have had a good innings, my wife is 77, me 79. ( feel 45 with no aches and pains, but loosing hair)

We will both miss detecting,… the outback experience, the people you come across, detecting with friends, & especially in WA, the next signal you come across could be a .02 grammer or a 34 grammer.

But life and time move on, will have to get back to fishing or golf.


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6000 Sold to a SA Guy going to WA with his son.

Thanks for the Sales Support.
Went to lunch yesterday with our friends we detect/camp with in WA and Tib and the more social outings in the Vic GT. They are leaving for WA early June. SWMBO had tears in her eyes at the closing of this phase of our lives.

Me, will attend a Fishing Club meeting in early June, but definitely does not have the same pull as detecting.

All the best for the future ( Low and Slow)

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