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from my last excursion
Out of curiosity would you (or anyone) happen to know what that white mineral is in that pan? Rather common in my area, and curious if anyone has a name for it apart from white black sand (quite the oxymoron), it seems to be even heavier than black sands but always extremely fine. Oh, and a good gold take, they're some nice bits!
Thought I might add, there is an error in my prototype, when I fix it/upgrade it there will be no use for the secondary scouring/boilers.
This concept won't eliminate the need for the sluice/dream Matt to recovered escapees, but I have a whole new concept that will!
Well done...long time since I seen one of those coins 😀.
Back in 1979 we used to place a cent in the hole that we found a nugget at a depth that we could just hear it knowing it was there. Manage to take a mate to a lot of those sights years later and most of the cents were still there 15 years later even with later detectors.
You're not going to believe this DD...but she managed to stick that whole friggin' bunch into the back of the troopie for the return trip home :eek: ....good thing I only got 23 grams of gold as my springs were rely suffering.Cheers Wal. :)
Lol mate that's classic road tripping dragging your arse there and back!LOL bet it was great 😊
Finally got out to the creek today after 12 months. Only managed one hour as pumping began again. Was also 37 degrees so the 10 or so pans for 0.03g wasnt terrible given the first 5 were sampling and learning what had changed in the since I was last there. Was good to get out with the little guy and even spotted a Kookaburra having a laugh at us.


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Wow very impressive 20x! Stuff of dreams your running there!
This is my recent camp trip take (1.3g) to an 'ol faithful spot. A lot of ground moved for this. The spot is slowly petering out. It use to be average of 1.4g a day.
Oh well time to get back to prospecting and look for a new spot I think.😁
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Spent a week away in Vic the other week. With the family we went to Soverign Hill so thats the one by itself for 0.3g as well as doing pans for both kids (prob nearly 20 in a few hours).

Then I left the family and spent a week with the camper trailer at Eldorado. Boy was the weather great during the day with one day being 26 degrees (and I drank 3L of water on the creek). The nights were cold (down to 2 one night) but I managed. Never having been before I started at Eldorado and worked towards Beechworth. Being my myself I was pretty cautious and didnt venture as far from tracks/car as I should have. Good learning for next time to go further. Still have some cons to clean up from a flood deposit I was working on day 2 but not expecting much out of that. Given this was all classifier and pan (couldnt really find a good spot for sluice/or sufficient deposit to warrant setting up high banker) I guess I have to be happy with it. Best day was the 3rd day with nearly 0.4g off some untouched bedrock and from behind a decent boulder which had been untouched. Even managed 2 sapphires in my pan about 3/4 the way down behind that rock.

Didnt really get much past the first crossing but I was trying to be systematic and work my way up. At least I know there is plenty to explore next time, just not sure when that will be. Headed off when it started getting busy for the Anzac Day long weekend as the trip was really about some alone time camping by myself and the gold was really a bonus.


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