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  1. R

    west auzzie near perth

    Gidday all, Where can i find out what rivers,streams,creeks etc are ok to run my sluice? National parks are out i heard. Im not here to make $$ ,just a new hobby and relax. Cheers
  2. G

    Adelaide locations for a fun first day trying gold panning

    Hi, My mother has loved the idea of gold panning for years, just as a fun adventure, not to score big or anything. I bought her a gold panning kit for her birthday a couple years ago and now for her birthday this year I am planning a little family picnic and first try using her panning...
  3. O

    Looking for advice on creating gold finding experience for enthusiastic partner Melbourne Victoria.

    G'day prospectors! My partners birthday is coming up and he has always had a interest in gold hunting. As a present I wanted to try and give him the experience of going for a hunt for some gold and would love your opinions on how best to achieve this. Here is some basic information We are...
  4. D

    What detector should I buy

    Hi all been doing some research and not 100% on what detector I should buy. I currently have a tianjin Chinese made one but it isn't strong enough to pick up anything decent. Would the gold monster 1000 be a good start ? Cheers stuey
  5. U

    New to the Hobby

    Hello I'm Sam! I'm new to the forum and joined in the hopes of learning more about fossicking for gold in Victoria. I'd have to say Vo Gus Prospecting on YouTube really inspired me to get out there. I love his videos, I too suffer from mental illness and being able to go out into the outback...
  6. sand surfer

    fig tree camp

    went for a squizzy at fig tree camp (mount perry)yesterday with the gpx5000 the chinese mined the area in 1860, they operated 3 mines there with the most profitable one of the 3 pulled 1 ton of gold out of the mine plenty of mullock heaps to play in ,they span about 500 meters long and at the...
  7. S

    new member, introduction and questions for the gippsland/latrobe valley region

    G'day all, purchased our miners rights & some pans yesterday for the kids (they really want to find gold) wondering if theres anywhere nearby between Bairnsdale, Yarram & Churchill we can go to find a few specks? think bairnsdale, stratford, sale, maffra, heyfield, toongabbie, glengarry...
  8. Wicked

    New member - 1st trip to Gulgong

    Hi everyone and thank you. Im from Newcastle and I’m brand new to prospecting. I have all the gear, and just about to go on my very first trip.🙌🤗 Unfortunately this trip was planned more around a place to stay with my spoilt dogs 🙄rather than for a place for me to only search for gold. BUT I’m...
  9. M

    Hi from Sydney

    Hi folks, thanks for having me here. I'm interested in gold panning, hoping to get my kids keen too. Been to Oallen and Hill End so far... good fun.
  10. G0lddigg@

    QLD - Lots of Gem, Gold and Prospecting related events during the year

    alot of gem events up here hey mate, didn;t expect that when i moved back to qld
  11. T

    Digging For The Soul

    Hi there! My Fiance and I have recently started a YouTube for our fossicking adventures. We have been prospecting for gold for around 7 years and started fossicking for gems and minerals in past 2 years. We are focusing on Victorian gems, gold and minerals at the moment and we absolutely love...
  12. G Review

    mum and 5 year old son Just Starting Out from Perth WA

    Hi All My name is Gemma and I have a 5-year-old son Charlie. Charlie has been convincing me to start camping and is interested in finding items out in the bush area (all stem from school and going to Bush school). We found our camping equipment and purchased all items recommended for gold...
  13. L

    chasing sofala gold

    Ive been wanting to check sofala out any tips on what its like mostly paning an river sluice
  14. S

    Non-reactionary fossicking equipment and Metal Detectors...(MDs)…

    Hi all, I have noted in some utube vids that random noise hits from metal on our person, or persons close to us, are apparent... and I am not sure of it is because I am a newbie to MDs and this is common common knowledge or what..?!. and I am just asking 'stupid boy' questions... lol... (I did...
  15. C

    Other Gold Detectors....?

    I'm looking for something other than a Minelab or Garrett. I want a machine with some kind of discrimination. Has anyone found/used something they have liked? Here are a couple detectors I'm looking at: *Vogel Qz80 *Tarasacci MDT 8000 (I have this one). *Klayzer 2D Max I picked up a used MDT...
  16. Ag Man

    Selling gold - how, why, where

    Uhm, as the heading says, I'm going to see how I go as selling some small bits of gold. Starting small as I got little to lose. There's been a few discussions on here & various sites about where to sell your gold so I thought I'd try the eBay Auction way & see how I go. One piece is 0.17gram...
  17. A

    NSW How to Use MinView + How to find free geological maps

    A video I put together on how to use MinView. Hope it helps. 👍😀 Annie How to find free geological maps NSW:
  18. P

    Gold panning and detecting in the Holbrook NSW area

    Hi members, I am new to this website and I think that its great that you can get advice from experienced prospectors here. I am just wondering if there are panning and detecting opportunities in the Holbrook, NSW area?
  19. A

    Gold an sliver with quartz stones on property can anyone help identify these plz help im unsure if its fools good??

    Its ether Gold an sliver in qwartz stone on property can anyone help identify these im unsure if its fools gold or if it's fine gold with silver plz help I also found a crumblely stone i think its qwartz stone with multiple collums of this sliver looking stuff plz help sorry for my shitty...