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Thanks Tathradj for opening up this thread.

As a QED owner it would be interesting how both detectors compare to one another.
For a fair comparison the QED would need to have an 8" mono attached.
Unfortunately I have no one with an SDC2300 to compare my QED too.

It appears the SDC is a simpler detector to master and only needs a quick GB and off you go.
The QED is somewhat more involved although the AGB is an aid towards a quicker GB.
Also once the QED is set those settings are saved when you switch off.
The SDC is a great out of the box machine and it is quite hard not to find Gold with the SDC,

The QED has enjoyed amazing success for a new machine and the best bit is it gets people in the game without having to sell Body parts, There is no other PI that is quite as good for the price.


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jakal said:
Hi Ridge Runner, which machine do you find more comfortable to detect with?

I don't use either, but you only have to read a couple of the forums to see how well both machines work by the amount of Gold pictures people are posting, Both the QED and the SDC work better than my PI machine.
Another comparison between the SDC and QED is the weight difference of each detector.

After some research, since I do not own an SDC 2300, I found mentioned on the ML Treasure Talk site under the heading The Minelab SDC 2300 My First Impression the SDCs weight with four NiMH C-cells batteries was 2.59 kg.

Therefore after I weighed my QED with the Commander 8 mono including the battery box with 12 AA NiMh batteries, Nokia speaker with 3 AA NiMH and all being attached to a 2-piece S-bend type shaft then its overall weight was 2.3 Kg.

I was then curious to see what the weight of the QED PL2 package was using the straight carbon 3- piece shaft with the control box mounted on top of the handle and Detech 11 ultra-sensing mono coil. So on the particular website that advertises this package a weight is shown as 1780 grams or 1.78 kg although it says 2 Lithium batteries not included.

Now if you were to attach a Detech 8 mono (weight 560 grams) instead of the 11 ultra mono (780 grams) then the weight would drop down 1560 grams or 1.56 kg.

Taking all of the above into count then the QED has a definite weight advantage over the SDC.

Although the SDC can be folded up into a neat package that would fit into a backpack and I expect the QED PL2 package would not.

I wonder is there a lighter Pulse Induction detector on the market than the QED?
Here's my take after using an SDC for hundreds of hours & the QED for around 40-50hrs.
Both are good detectors in their own right but are very different.
The SDC is purpose built with MPF for small gold hunting & it excels at that especially in difficult ground. I found ounces of gold ranging from bits that didn't register on the scale through to gram bits & have personally seen much bigger bits found with it. Can find bigger gold too.
Easy to set up & use.
Perfect machine for weekenders who don't get out often but would like to find gold (regardless of size) on most trips. Perfect for patch cleaning too & can even start a patch for bigger guns to come into.
Can get heavy on the arm for some over a full day.
Waterproof if that's your thing.
Compact - loved how little space it took even in my hardcase for it.
Spares, batteries, advice, aftermarket accessories all readily available.
Seems to work well with wireless devices including Bluetooth.
The QED offers more versatility through coil choice & settings over a much broader range of targets/target depths. IMO it will find SDC sized gold but like the GPX not with the same consistency. Not a bad thing as the SDC is purpose built for that.
Setting up in variable ground can be difficult in some areas & perseverance is required. It can handle difficult ground though but is better to use in ground that remains reasonably consistent. Also easy to balance out hot rocks/hot pockets by using the ground balance numbers. An accurate quick track button like Minelabs would be nice - it does have AGB (auto ground balance) on new/updated machines but manual ground balancing the QED is more accurate IMO.
Perfect machine for those willing to put effort into learning it & want comparable performance to a GPX & the versatility but don't have the budget to stretch that far.
Not waterproof but can be fitted with waterproof coils for shallow water & protected much like you would a GPX against rain showers, splashing etc.
With coils etc. can take up a reasonable amount of space.
Spares, batteries, aftermarket accessories not readily available as yet. Advice around but not as readily available.
Doesn't seem to like Bluetooth tx/rx modules - tried 2 different brands & both didn't work well.
Proprietary RF wireless systems based on Kleer technology do work fine (haven't tried others like Minelab, Garrett or Deteknix).
Great post thanks mbasko.
Which is your preferred machine or does that vary according to the areas you detect in?
Another thing I find intriguing with the QED in that it gives you a number figure reading on its display screen for the ground mineralisation once the detector has been ground balanced. Using those numbers can help to identify how mineralised one area is compared to another since higher numbers mean higher mineralisation and an increased chance of gold.

I do agree with mbasko in saying " An accurate quick track button like Minelabs would be nice. "
jakal said:
Great post thanks mbasko.
Which is your preferred machine or does that vary according to the areas you detect in?
That's a hard question to answer. I don't think I can give you a real clear answer to that but yes it would definitely come down to the areas! For instance the other day using the QED & found a bit of gold in an area of heavy leaf litter. I wouldn't have been able to use the SDC there at all without a lot of raking/clearing first & I doubt I would have picked up that bit - over the fence & down the gully a bit, different story. No leaf litter & the type of spot screaming for an SDC to go over it but the QED would still go ok there if there's some gold about :p
I love the SDC - when all else fails it can at least put a rattle in the jar on the right areas & in nearly 18 months using it I failed to find any gold only twice.
On the other hand I'm enjoying learning the QED now & I've been lucky enough to be finding some gold along the way. Knowing you've got some extra depth but still got reasonable sensitivity is good which is the same reason why some will go with GPX over the SDC if only able to get one machine. I'm also loving the lightweight of the QED.
Without going too far off topic neither would be my preferred machine choice. A lighter, more affordable GPZ would be but that's a different thread again....... ;)
As for the detecnix headphones, worked really well on my gpx, not so good with the QED. Not sure if they contributed to emi or not, but suspect they may have.
Also not loud enough on the QED, fine on the gpx.
Volume is a bit of a let down on the qed. IMO.
Thank you all for your feedback and thoughts on the QED.The QED is a dynamic and ongoing project and your feedback will be taken into account in any future versions.
Some of the issues raised here I believe may ultimately be addressed although others are much more technically and software/hardware challenging.
Thanks again guys! :)
Mbasko, good honest comparison. I would just like to add that the Garret cordless system works well with the QED, and coupled to Bose noise cancelling ear buds, is now my favourite setup for the hot weather, as a wide brimmed hat can be worn. Sennhieser cordless phones for the cooler weather. Both give plenty of sound.
Finally I have had an airing with a QED with one of the most experienced Detectorist's in the country and The Tester.
No names will be mentioned but to both Howard and Reg,You will find out.
Down to business.
My first thoughts are on how light and ergonomic the machine is.The one I was privy too was built around a Whites Hog Leg Shaft and was superb to swing.
We had the R&D 12x8 Evo Elliptical coil on and it to me is a perfect match.The detectorist himself swings a 11 inch Elite that has seen better days but,
He likes it and it finds gold.
You could swing the thing all day and not worry too much with the nugget finder on the end of the stick but I would use a bungee to stop you from cussing about RSI
the next day.
We did not have any in situ nuggets to really test it out against a GPX or SDC but a surprising 5 cent piece find was a cracker and at about 7 inch's was loud, clear and very sharp as you would expect.
We had various nuggets ranging from .02 to 13 grams of gold to have a listen too and me myself do not put too much emphasis on air test's but I could hear the difference in thresh hold breaks a bit more than the width of the coil and too me, That is important.
One thing I did pick is the threshold breaks and squawks when you lift the coil past the threshold over ground limit but the machine quickly re stabilizes and goes back to a mozzie hum within a short time frame.
I did not get to have a crack at the settings and such but from what I have read over the last few months, This machine will take a few hours to get used too and with my knowledge of electronics and sequence, Would not be a hard hurdle too over come. Put it this way, The QED electronically is different to a standard PI machine but take into account that every manufacturer is different in the way that a machine is tune-able so I do not take that as a bad thing.
Summing up,
I commend Howard on his work and dedication with the QED as he has single handed improved, Developed and built a fine machine
Aussie inventiveness at it's best.
The Detectorist's Comment. " It finds gold for me and I like it. "
Cost. At around $1800.00 depending what config you want represents a bit better than average value for money.
I hear Howard is fully approachable for Tech support as well.
EMI, According to the detectorist, The QED wins hands down.
Coil Choice. Any coil that fits a GPX can be matched.
Ergonomics, Hands down a winner.
I cannot comment on how to drive the machine but this is down to time spent on the ground and learning the machines settings. Like any other manufacturer and taking into consideration that the QED operates electronically different, This will take time and practice.
The Detectorist is a pro with the machine and he knows the machine intimately. I trust his judgement.
Very close to an SDC and GPX. The main significance here is the choice of coils you can use where an SDC is fixed, I feel that the QED is very close to an SDC if it was armed with an 8 inch coil, This would then become an interesting battle between both machines in performance but, The SDC does have one very big advantage,
Switch on, Simple settings then go but, That is how it is designed
To me,
As a moderator on this forum, I am banned from the site that the Developer communicates through.
and yes, I will link it.
And to those on AEGPF, You are welcome to copy the entire post.
And these are my opinions only. NOT influenced by any other person or manufacturer.
There has been a lot of very bad things said against those who bag the machine and I find that indeed most unsettling. I am sticking my neck out for making this comment but, That is the way it is and you cannot change history. To the people that insist on a slagging ranting rant, Leave it be as we each have our own opinions and if you think that running some person down for their opinionsis a wonderful thing, forget it, You are the loser.
In closing, I quite like the QED. I would have to get to know the machine on a more personal basis but if you knew who the Detectorist is, Definitely worth a second look.
With any detector, You have to walk over it to find it and that is half the fun.
That is why we are here in this forum so that will be that.
So did you find that nugget with the QED or was that someone elses find or found by another machine ?
My thanks Doug for a fair and balanced assessment of the QED. Your Detectorist is one of the best prospectors that I have had the pleasure to work with. He knows his stuff, regardless of brand.

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