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Dec 13, 2015
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I am making these metal roses (hand made) and brass brushed to give the gold looking highlight effect.

I am taking orders and also will have a few in stock.

Price is $80.00 local pickup, or add extra $10.00 for postage.

Being hand made each rose is slightly different but the pictures below give you and idea of how they look.

4th rose in box.jpg
cheers dave


  • 4th rose in box.jpg
    4th rose in box.jpg
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  • 4th rose.jpg
    4th rose.jpg
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Ok thanks Solid Luck, I'm making another couple of the roses tomorrow, all sold on the ones made so far, I'll send you a message for final arrangements, like address to send to and payment etc

cheers dave
Made up another rose this morning before it gets to hot in the shed, they are coming along nicely and will have some ready to sell for Valentines Day if anyone is wanting a rose that lasts and lasts, well for ever really

This gives you a good idea of how they look and they sit nicely in a vase or just left in the display box20230117_132815.jpg
cheers dave


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Veronica now has 6 Everlasting Roses, 2 vases with 3 in each sitting on the dining table

I'll have to make a few more incase anyone wants one for a Valentines day gift for someone 😍

cheers dave
Valentines day came and went and I sold a nice amount of roses.

Next is any anniversary gift and of course Mothers Day is not to far away either.

I'm doing the single boxed rose for $90 posted or a two pack deal boxed and posted for $160 posted, all standard Auspost with tracking#

sample of the two in a box deal
Two pack deal.jpg

sample of the singe rose in a box
cheers dave

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