QED vs SDC2300 vs TDI SL vs Gold Kruzer

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Aug 21, 2019
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Inglewood Fault, QLD
At the risk ( certainty?) of adding fuel to the fire, I went out last week and spent a whole day just testing. Results attached & some of last years testing results in same spot as well.

What the results dont show is how stable each detector was over the ground in the area. The GB numbers show it was only only medium mineralisation but it was quite variable & contained shale outcrops, quartz & hot rocks.

Hands down the SDC was the most stable, then the QED then the TDI SL then the Kruzer. All usable but the SL & Kruzer found a few hot rocks that the QED & SDC ignored. The large coil on the Kruzer wouldnt be much fun as it called target quite often when not even a specific hot rock could be located. The smaller DD was ok though not perfect. The SL was fine with the Sadie but too nervous with the Evo sounding off quite often. Once GBed the QED didnt mind which coil but the Evo came up best overall. The SDC just took it all in its stride.

Yes I double checked that for the 1gn ingot the SDC it was slightly deeper on 2 but the reason is simple - Whilst on full throttle (5) & 6 threshold a target signal was there at sl deeper than 80 mm, maybe it was 90mm, but the increased warbling noise over the ground was such that I would not have heard the target signal clear enough to have hauled up and rechecked. On 2 the tiny target stood out better as the background was much smoother.

In case any one asks about the QED 18 elite only getting 150mm on the 20c - I triple checked that is an anomaly and I have previously found a heavy brass 50mm buckle at 550mm so was surprised at both 20c & 50c result.

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