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Sep 1, 2015
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I can't match Dave's :(

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This is how it came out of the ground. Just on 4 oz and pretty much solid gold. Found with the GPX4500 and 14" Coiltek Elite coil in a really noisy patch of soil.
It's not a completion Phil, just want to see favorite or biggest gold! That's a ripper, I still love that specie you found with the white quarts and smooth gold.
Mar 10, 2016
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Some of the mud washed off, 300+ specie
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Cleaned up, named Octopus

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This happened as I was hightailing it out of there, due to warning of road closure from heavy rain. (Went back years later and after two day search of area we had over 2ozs in the jar.

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Haven't had much opportunity to get out and find any other the last few years, working on changing that, biggest is just over 2gm.

Nightjar the Octopus is one of my favourites 😍 along with the story behind it. Just a beautiful specimen 👌once again thanks for sharing 🍻

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