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Oct 14, 2014
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Hi All

I'm looking for an alternative spot to have a dig since anywhere in the Vulcan State forest in the Oberon area has been closed for logging in the last 8 months. I've heard there could be quartz crystals up in the Lowes Mount State Forest just north of Oberon but I can't find any relevant information of where to dig. Is there a designated area to find these or just pot luck. Or have people been telling me porkies.

I'm guessing nobody has any information on this area or I have been told the wrong information.
Hey Dude ,
Try - The World Of Shiny Stuff -
Google it & have a look .
Select state what ya after ( gem stones Gold ) .
It is a good site :Y:
Hope this helps Ya .
Hi Conan,

I have been fossicking at Vulcan State forest last week at the fossicking designated area and in Sapphire road. The area is open and the washing dam 300m from the fossicking area has water in. I joined today and when i find out how to put photos on i will post the few sapphires i have found there in couple of days.Cheers David

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