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Ok. Thanks for that. Makes perfect sense. My next trick will be to try and get a Nel Superfly coil for mine. From all reports depth is noticeably better by inches than the Nokta macro coils. And apparently the Kruzer behaves much better too re the stacato noises it makes sometimes.Think that model is only available in the states though. I'm making enquires. We do have Nel dealers here but the Superfly is not listed in their stock. We always seem to miss out in this Country. :( I'll report if I have any luck with this. :p
Hi. Ozzieau. Don't know how the mars compares with the Nel. The Superfly is nice and light and reportedly works very well on the Kruzer. I will give it some thought though. Thank you for the offer.
Hi Ronnie, as I will be camping out on the diggings all winter in 2022 IF I GET BACK due to covid-19 but I will send you a PM with my mobile number and you can come and join me as I have some good spots lined up and drawn up dozens of maps from GeoVic . I will see how the GT pans out in 2022 and then in April 2023 head out to Streaky Bay area in SA for some camping and then go detecting around the Kalgoorlie and Leonora areas. My Impact was being despatched in May 2017 and they recalled it back to the factory to install the latest software. I have not upgraded the latest software version as I dare not change the performance on the detector as it works just fine as it is. if i was not happy with it I would have upgraded the version, so my claims are genuine.
If you want to find out more about the Impact go to YouTube and look up the channel TheHunterGT and the Impact review posted in July 2021. He reckons the DI3 mode which I wanted to try out is a shallow mode and that the DI4 mode is the deepest. Only one way to find out is get into really hot ground and bury a gold nugget and try out all three. I only tested AM against D12 and DEEP. DEEP beat the pants off them at Maryborough but was sleeping it off at Wedderburn. :eek: Cheers mate.
Hi Ronnie, just a quick one on the Nel Superfly which is Nels newest coil from 2020. I bought a Nel Tornado for my Impact early this year from my Minsk supplier for AUD 200. Was very impressed by the build quality but they do not supply a cable with it. Two days delivery to our door free of charge. The Tornado is 12x13 inches and goes deeper than the Superfly but loses out in separation and sensitivity to small targets. Here is a comparison.
Superfly-depth 7.5/10 separation 8.5/10 sensitivity to small targets 9.0/10 sensitivity to big targets 7.5/10 11x12 inches, 420g

Tornado-depth 8/10, 8/10, 8.5/10, 8/10 12x13 inches, 560g
They have a Nel Fly DD coil in stock forAUD 210 11x12 inches for the Multi Kruzer but it may be an earlier model.
Hi. Rob. Thank you for the info. Probably would stick with the Superfly when I get one. I'm finding that a bit more separation would be useful with the Kruzer. So I suspect the Fly would be the best choice as others have confirmed. Would be very happy to meet up when you return from exile?. I am a very opened minded bloke and although a frac skepticle of your claim it's obviously working for you so I'm not going to knock it. Funny things happen in detecting and it may very well be you have got your machine sussed out in a way that others have not. :) I agree too. I would be very hesitant indeed re updating a machine that's working perfectly for my purpose. I have actually had bad experiences doing just that :( Look forward to meeting up one day. Regards... Ronnie.
Hi Ronnie. Mine was blessed by the cleric from the Blue Mosque when they brought them back to the factory and in Muslim tradition the first 200 units had to be given supernatural powers :rainbow: :rainbow: I'm looking for depth and ease of picking up signals, hence the 13 inch width on the Tornado. The 7 inch width on the standard Impact coil you have to be right over the target within 1 or 2 inches of it to get a signal. Things look pretty grim in Australia as critical items which used to come from China are out of stock on ebay as I need a 12v to 240v inverter for my van otherwise I'm going to freeze at night. As far as prospecting for nuggets in very mineralised ground is concerned in whatever discrimination mode you are in you have to dig up everything or miss a certain amount of nuggets, even in the ferrous tone. That does not apply in parks where the ground is mild. I would really like to take you up to Wedderburn and show you how my Impact performs and see how the Kruzer goes. As I don't want to dig up everything I am really looking at all options even going to NT or WA if the ground has more nuggets in it than Vic. Finding new patches here is pretty remote. Being exiled here in the gulags for so long has taught me to be not afraid to take my chances. Take care, Rob.
Hi. Rob. Wedderburn sounds good. I've detected there quite a bit. Amazing that the occasional good bit is still found there from time to time considering they have the token hunt on a regular basis. And you are correct. Stuff from China has dried up big time here. I know a few that are waiting for basic parts that were easy to get normally. I think the China Aus relationship thingy isn't helping also. :argh: You may be right about the Tornado. Might be a better choice for me. Have to save up for one. :zzz: Might also try to get the Gods to bless my Kruzer. Seems to have worked for you :p Might have to bottle that recipe:) Stay well and happy.. Ronnie. :pickshovel:
I might be a legend considering all the fights and bans I've had on this forum about the Impact because I will just not lie down. :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: Well fellas here is my opportunity to say my peneth worth on what I think about the Legend for what its worth. The Legend WHP and the Pro are already on sale at my Minsk supplier for AUD 1100 and 150 extra for the Pro. Minsk is only 2 hours by plane from Istanbul and Turkish Airlines has not put sanctions on Belarus like all of the EU has done. I like some of the features like simultaneous frequency and it is easy to use just press the nice pictures. It has a goldfield mode. I could not see much information on the Nokta site except that it has advanced discrimination settings ,all metal ferrous off, ground effect off, custom ( notch discrimination).Able to locate small nuggets in highly mineralised gold mines??? Dammed sure I wont be going down tunnels or shafts. Lightweight, only 1,4 kg. An 11 inch and a 6 inch coil supplied. I would have liked to see a more serious detector from Nokta for prospecting costing around AUD 2500 and marry the Legend with some of the features of the Deephunter 3D like Mode 2- designed for highly mineralised conductivity, and the use of the ferrous settings you can prevent false signals by eliminating the interference from minerals in highly mineralised grounds. Clearly Nokta has the technology available but will not put it in its bread and butter models. The Deephunter 3D will tell you if the signal is ferrous, gold, silver or steel.
I'm beginning to wonder if NM are not able to produce such a machine because of others Patents. Must be very difficult for other makers in such a restrictive climate. :argh:
A PI with hot rock, ferrous, gold,silver, steel identification and tin foil masking and able to exclude all false signals would only come from the planet Krypton. :playful: :playful: :playful:
There are two schools of thought. One is to dig up everything willynilly until you find a nugget and the other is to detect until you find a nugget and then dig it up. Noktka is clearly in the latter camp.
less schools of thought than practicality.

I to see someone find a gold/silver item in an area that was a battlefield with a PI. Would give up in 20m.

some Oz gold workings are like that too, especially those that had decent size and mine life but not so many thank god.

Of course if you are in genuinely virgin untrashy ground then why wouldnt you dig every signal?
I think digging up every signal was a good idea back in the early 1980,s especially behind the old schoolhouse at Kingower.Back then we were really detecting virgin ground and previously weekend prospectors used to go out panning and specking after heavy rain, but they only got the ones that were about an inch deep to start with. Now nearly all the good nuggets are gone but the trash has been left behind. Also modern VLF detectors are so sensitive that they pick up every bit of mineral in the ground which you hear as false signals. Some areas such as Dunolly you can pick up a hot rock signal every minute and other areas there are heaps of smail bits of tin foil which can make your life a misery. However the goldfields in Victoria are for the major part very clean and I rarely dug up many nails and bits of iron. Sometimes you can also find bits of steel which are chips broken off from picks and crowbars. The Impact has all the features on it to enable you to minimise and mask some of these nuisances if you know how to use it properly but in doing so you are going to miss some nuggets which can give the grunt signal. The more pure gold can be found if your low tone break is set at the default 15 on the Impact. The Impact depth is severely reduced in the hot ground I mentioned and from low/mild to very highly mineralised the depth reduction is around 50% roughly but I never did any tests regarding this which I should. The immune tag I gave to the Impact referred to its ability to ground balance. You can attempt to hot up the Impact by fitting it with a better coil like a larger Nel for deeper gold or a smaller coil for tiny gold, and a HD pair of earphones costing $300, as the standard ones are pretty bad. When a Legend comes along with the features of the Deephunter 3D to exclude false signals and ability to specify a gold signal I would be very interested as I need to dig up less false targets as possible due to my age.
Re (if only N/M would develop a lightweight PI machine for gold hunting)

Nah... I don't want that to happen, I/We have Codan/Minelab Shares and I don't want them to go any lower.
Hi Ronnie, just got back from the war zone and hooked up the Nel Tornado coil to the Impact but the connection is too loose so need to buy some plastic washers to make it tighter. Cant believe Nel is is so careless in the manufacturing and did not even provide the plastic washers. Did you end up getting the Super Fly coil?
In the GT the Impact has real grunt in the deep 20 inches deep compared to 8 inches deep with the all metal mode on a 1.5 inches diameter ball of silver foil.The Impact is so sensitive it picks up too many false signals for me to dig.Someone has to advise on the optimal settings on goldfields to counter this,but then you might miss a nugget but digging up all the signals is unpractical. I use DI2 on the hills as it goes 50% deeper than all metal as deep mode will not ground balance there due to very high mineralisation.I will have to test how deep COG mode goes on the hills but I suspect not very deep.The 15 inch coil,the IM 40 is too heavy for prospecting but I would like to fit a 13 inch coil.Black Dog makes a good one for the Impact but not available here.Nokta should have marketed one on the internet as there is some interest from consumers.
I own the impact and as far asI am concerned deep mode is one setting that is wishful thinking. Stat and gen are the two settings I use most often .

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