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Jul 6, 2015
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For sale: Solid handmade one piece Jarrah handles fits sd, gp and gpx series detectors. Cable guard can be attached to the handles as seen in the pictures. $80 plus postage.
Look good mate but i have nothing they would fit i am sure someone on here would like one to be different then all the rest :)
Sweet work PP looks a great finish and comfortable can't quite see from the photos is there a hole and cavity for a 4500/5000 quick track button ?

Just fitted my new handle from PP..... my first impression is wow, what a comfy grip, just feels so natural with that lovely wood in your mit. I had him customize mine a bit with a slightly more upright angle and it feels that it suits my arm and wrist better.
Cant wait to get out amongst it and see if it helps with my sore hand after swinging all day.
Thanks PP for a quality, well made and handsome looking handle.
I have a non genuine shaft I found the handle would not clamp up tight, it only took a couple of pieces of tape to fix the problem great feeling handle regards john :Y:
Thanks john glad you solved the prob what size shaft do you have on your detector ???. PP
Had a look at one the other day. Very nicely made! :Y:
Pirate Pete I live in Montana, U.S.A. and would like to get a Jarrah handle for my gpx 5000. By the way are you able to ship to the U.S.A. and can you help me get a new walco pick as well with a long 32"-36" handle? What kind of wood is on those walco picks? Walco refuses to ship to the U.S.
hello I am from Butte Montana in the USA I have seen and heard alot about the handle you make but cannot find a place to purchase one. I swing a 17 x 13 nuggetfinder most of the time and have broken the plastic handle on my minelab numerous times from the weight of the coil. I was wondering if you can tell me of anyplace in the states that sells them or if you can ship. I don't need a quick trac button just a handle. Thank you