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Aug 27, 2016
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Northeast Vic, VIC
For sale GPX 6000 with 11” mono, 14” DD (hardly used but works very well) and 17” mono.

Purchased from Outback Prospector in April 2021.

17” coil purchased from Outback Prospector August 2021.

Extra battery purchased May 2022. One of the batteries was replaced under warranty March 2023.

Comes with a cable guard, brand new 11” coil cover and all standard things out of the box.

The 11” mono – has fine cracks in the ears and a small crack at the cable insertion point – see photos. I have deliberately not replaced this coil as it works ridiculously well. It is covered under warranty until April next year and I have already spoken to Brendan at Minelab who has advised it can be sent back and replaced during that warranty period.

My plan was to keep this coil until about December, get it replaced and then sell the whole unit which gave the new owner approx. 4 more months of warranty time to ensure that the replacement coil was up to scratch.

Either I can send the 11” coil back to Minelab when the GPX is purchased and ask that the new coil be forwarded direct to the new owner or the new owner can send it back themselves later in the year a bit closer to the warranty end time like was my original plan.

Essentially the extras you would be getting are a 2nd battery that is only 6 months old, a brand new 11’ coil, a fairly new cable guard, a 17” coil that is in addition to the standard coils and a new 11” coil skid plate. Nearly $900 worth of extras and a brand new 11” coil.

You are also getting a GPX 6000 where the unit itself has worked flawlessly since purchase. No battery connection issues, it wasn’t dead on arrival, etc, like some others have had. This one just works! And it has had the audio update done at Miner’s Den in Bendigo.

I am likely to be in Bendigo in the next few weeks and I will be in Melbourne for a short time over the next 2 weekends – happy to meet up for delivery. I am located near Wangaratta if that is easier for the buyer.

I would prefer not to post it but can do at the buyer’s expense.

Cash in my hand if I deliver or transfer into my bank account and funds cleared if I post. No Pay Pal, no Pay-ID (whatever that is??), no family and friends payments, no cheques, no swaps, no C.O.D. postage, etc, etc.

Price - $7,500 firm.

Why am I selling? Great question and one that I have posed multiple times myself already. I generally sell things before they go out of warranty so was planning on selling this anyway in about January of next year. I had been thinking about getting an Axiom but the price, no aftermarket coils and minimal user reports in Australia had put me off. There is an Axiom for sale now that is at a significant price reduction that I am happy to take the chance. This will also leave me a significant portion of cash left over that will pay for quite a bit of a planned 50th fishing trip to Samoa next year with a few mates.

There is 1 caveat. If the Axiom that I wish to purchase sells before I have sold the 6000 then I will be withdrawing it from sale.

Sorry for the essay! Ask as many questions as you like :)

Cheers, N.E.

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Afternoon all.

I will likely leave this up for another week or so and then remove it from sale if not sold. I will be down Melbourne way again later this week if that helps anyone. And likely in Bendigo in the next few weeks.

I'd be interested for comment though, how much do the general forum-ship feel this is worth? About $900 worth of extras from the stock set-up, can come with a brand new 11" coil and still under warranty. It might not change the price I want :) but I'd be interested to know what others would pay for it. Happy for anyone to comment.

Cheers, N.E.
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