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Mar 8, 2015
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Yes, that's right, I have decided to produce a few units of the robust, serviceable and most importantly, very effective hand operated crevice pump device that I have developed over the past 18 months for my own use. I have had a lot of interest from prospectors I have shown the device to in the field, it does what it's meant to do so, given the interest and its effectiveness, I want to see what response there is and the demand that may exist.

Let me tell you about it: It adapts snugly and securely directly to your standard 50 mm yabbie pump with a single stainless hose clamp. Leaves crevices and bedrock clean as a whistle, just like your Mum's Hoover cleaned the Axsminister !

Place the nozzle into the crevice, pull the yabbie pump handle up and the water/gold bearing gravel slurry 'charge' is drawn into the barrel of the yabbie pump. At the same time, the vacuum created in the outlet hose is sealed off by a simple check valve.

Push the handle down and the charge is expelled and directed into the outlet hose via the other simple flap/reed valve and then into the hose that is connected to your catchment system. Pull the yabbie pump handle up again and cycle repeats.

Very easy & efficient to use, works at any angle, no tilting or removing the nozzle after every pull of the handle to empty the yabbie pump into a bucket.

Made from strong & non-corroding materials: PVC; stainless steel; brass; silicone; and high-density polyethylene components. And it's light weight if you want to get into those deep gullies & remote creeks with a simple but effective kit in a backpack: Pan, my crevicing devise, your yabbie pump, short hose and bucket.

I have been prospecting for 30 years and about two years ago, after being disappointed by the other hand crevice pumps on sale, developed my own. No reinventing the wheel, but after 18 months of trial and improvement under demanding and tough conditions in the New England and Central West districts and; a lot of interest from other prospectors I have demonstrated my device to, I am pleased to share this effective hand pump attachment to the gem fossicking and gold prospecting fraternity.

Yes, I have done all the hard stuff & homework! Parts and materials alone cost me $38 before I start the lathe/machine work and assembly-2 hours for each device. So, for $89.99 you're getting a well sorted, robust bit of kit with all the teething problems ironed out.

It is totally & easily serviceable in the field with a screw driver, 8 mm spanner & 4 mm Allen key. Has two nozzles: The standard 40 mm x 250 mm that does about 90 % of crevices and under and around very large rocks in creeks and rivers and; the 20 mm x 250 mm nozzle for those tighter & narrowed hiding places you want to clean out.

Outlet adapts directly to a 40 mm barb coupling which then connects to most standard pool cleaner hose sections/hose of your choosing. This makes it ready to pump directly into your sluice/high-banker/or, collector bucket with lid set up (I'm sure you'll have this stuff already or, a quick trip to the hardware/irrigation store will get you what you need-see photos for set up).

Full but simple instruction/facts sheet provided. Photo 1 is what you get, the other photo is to demonstrate the simple and easy set up through a pool hose and into a sealed and vented bucket.
Hi Peacekeeper nice looking unit,
I like how it goes straight into the bucket

My last trip west I was using my yabby pump with 2 basic cheap fittings.
A reducer, and a length of 20mm OD pvc, all up about $5-8 can't remember exactly.
The hole I got my picker out of was around 900mm below the surface - I was on my knees leaning into the hole and pressure blasting water out of the nozzle and cleaning bedrock, then drawing up the gravels and pumping out into a bucket which my old girl was holding below ground level.

In this situation I couldn't of had a more simple, effective attatchment.

I think your setup is good and would work well in easy to access spots but in situations similar to what I had it would be more of a hindrance not being able to blast water out the nozzle and having a big hose coming off at right angles.

I also encourage sharing ideas here on PA, if you have a look through some old posts you will find many great ideas/inventions/contraptions that guys have posted to make our hobby slightly more effective/easier and more enjoyable - quite a few to do with crevicing.
nucopia said:
Looks good peackeeper

G'day Reeks, good to see someone who knows the value of a yabbie pump to help with crevices. Very true sometimes you just have to get down on the ground and give those creakie knees and dodgie rotator cuffs some extra need for neurofen plus and some liquid anesthetic at the end of a days digging.

Yes, I started with searching through the old posts here on PA and other fora, blogs etc and started from there with existing ideas and good advice. I put existing wisdom together with the bilge pump adaptation commercially available from boat shops and added existing engineering and valve arrangements as elements of my ideas to build a better mouse trap, metaphorically speaking.

Granted the hose on my set up may get in the way in very tight spots but there's no need to put the whole device into a very narrow hole or crevice, hence the 20 mm PVC nozzle. And it goes without saying, anyone using my device can put any reasonable length of their own 20 mm pipe on it as I would expect, as most prospectors are a pretty hand and inventive folks.

Part of the way my device functions due to intent and to achieve the most effective way I could make it work is that, by agitating the yabbie pump handle up and down quickly with short sharp strokes, the nozzle delivers short blasts of agitating water pressure to loosen and break up materials that are compacted and wedged between rocks that invariable live in crevices too.

Enough words, the proof is always in the pudding. So since you already have a yabbie pump and use it in crevicing and, you live on the Central Coast as I do, I would be very pleased if you would accept my offer of a loan of one of my devices for you to use on your next prospecting trip. I reckon it will save you a fair bit of work and help you chase those cracks and crevices out west.


The Peacekeeper.
Where can you buy the 50mm yabbie pump ?
I have been looking on line and most places like BCF advertise a 30" or 24" pump
but I gather thats the length not the diameter of the pump.
Just wnat to know as it would be foolish to order one of your crevice pumps and then buy the wrong yabbie pump to fit it.
Gday nucopia,

Yes 50 mm refers to the bore size. I have a 30 inch Alvey that I bought at BCF. I am only 174 cm tall but I would not recommend the shorter pumps as you need to lean slightly forward when using them. Also, since when using the pump with device attached, you are effectively digging a hole that become progressively deeper rather quickly, the longer pump is an advantage. Like anything you do, if you can keep your back straight you wont need so many neurofen lollies with your beer when you get back to camp.

Go check out pumps at BCF or similar before you by on line so you know the different qualities. I opted for the Alvey as I know it will still work in 20 years time and was only about $8 more expensive than the others anyway.

Hope that helps.

The Peacekeeper

Forgot to mention, the Alvey's have a set of 7 rubber washers, 2 retaining washers and the bronze retaining wing nut where as the cheaper pumps only have 2 or 3 washers. A superior and more durable seal that you know works properly is what you want when you are 400 km from where you bought your pump. Also, if your yabbie pump doesn't work as well as it could, your just making work for yourself. I have just looked and I see Alvey also sell the full washer/wing nut kit and sell on line for $13.

I have had my Alvey for 3 years, have used it constantly and the washers are still fine and the wing nut stays tight during use. And if you're wondering, no I don't own or work for Alvey, lol!

The Peacekeper
When I made my pump I glued a thred onto the bottom of the tee, I can screw different lengths of tube on as the hole gets deeper, also heated and squashed the tube to reduce the gravel size entering the pump. Heat gun work well on plastic, can even weld with it.
Cheers LL
Yeah madworld,

I will keep on making them as I have enough spare time and they seem to be selling steadily now. I always take a few with me when I'm in the field as well, blokes see how it works and they want one. I've sold a few like that now.


The Peacekeeper
Peacekeeper1966 said:
Ladies & Gents,

I have just finished off another batch of my crevicing devices that go on a yabbie pump. PM me if you want one and I will knock $10 off the usual price.


The Peacekeeper.

Hi Peacekeeper

I'd love to get my hands on one of your crevice attachments but notice you don't have PM/Email enabled here and I couldn't find you on eBay.

Are you still making/selling these?
DirtyBob said:
Hi Peacekeeper

I'd love to get my hands on one of your crevice attachments but notice you don't have PM/Email enabled here and I couldn't find you on eBay.

Are you still making/selling these?

+1 on above. I would like to know also. Thanks...

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