DIY sluice project. Am I on the right track?

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Jun 3, 2023
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South Brisbane
Afternoon all,

This is a creative little DIY I knocked up using some alloy channel and the snoot (yes, I said snoot) from a cheap sluice. 6 inch diameter, running a piece of vortex dream mat. Currently running a 580GPH pump, and I still don't think I'm throwing enough water so to speak in order to get that dream mat working.

Is there anyone here using the dream mat in a sluice similar who may be able to assist with my flow issues?

This system is designed as stand alone, aka no water source on site (currently modifying a crate to act as the catch/return reservoir) and is running 19mm piping 👍

I've tried FB but it's full of warriors with 6 bazillion opinions, so it's hard to get any hard data. Therefore, I thought I'd ask the true experts. You won't hurt my feelings if you say it won't work at all either, it's a DIY project and easily modifiable 🤙

Thanks all in advance, admire my shoddy diy 😂


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