DIY PVC detecting scoop

Jul 28, 2020
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Thought I'd share this super quick and crude but functional scoop I've made from PVC pipe.



Materials and tools:
- 100mm diameter PVC, I used about 2.5mm thickness but thinner would be better for sensitivity
- Angle grinder/something to cut thru PVC with
- File (or just the angle grinder again)
- Heat gun
- Gloves so the melty PVC doesn't burn yer paws

Here's the "schematic" if I may be so bold as to use the word


Its about 400mm by 100mm, keep in mind that 100mm is along the curve of the PVC. The tongue looking thing at the end is not the handle but the clip. It's about 110mm long.

- Cut out the shape roughly
- Mark where you want the handle to start (in the "schematic" I made two small vertical marks)
- Use a heat gun on the handle part until its easy to mold and squeeze the handle into shape
- Use a heat gun on the tongue, bending it backwards to make a clip. The clip will have a curve along it from being a part of a cylinder, I heated the sides of the clip and made it curve the other direction
- Grind/file the edges til its how you like it

I did a previous iteration I made two cuts where I wanted the scoop to end and handle part to begin. This resulted in the join of the scoop and handle being pretty weak, and also the back end of the school hand no lip and stuff fell out of it.

By not cutting in and letting the handle just wrap, it is SUPER strong, like you could dig holes with it even. With thinner PVC it wouldn't be so tough but still the geometry of how the scoop turns into handle seems to be quite strong.

The heat gun makes PVC a very nice material to force into whatever shape ya like, can even stretch it a bit.

In one meter of PVC you can get about 6 scoops of this size and design :)
May 26, 2016
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Like your thinking. Gotta admit, I never would have thought of doing this. Those heat guns are awesome
Oct 26, 2021
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I've only just found this, but am DEFINITELY giving this DIY a go.
Wow. :pickshovel:

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