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Oct 7, 2013
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North Brisbane, QLD
I saw a bit of discussion recently on Coil Plug covers so I though I would share my method for making my own out of electrical heat shrink material.

Materials required:
  • Heat Shrink material[/*]
  • A pair of scissors or sharp knife[/*]
  • A small office style stapler[/*]

Build method:

Step 1. Purchase some heat shrink material with a diameter big enough to cover the plug. Jaycar sells it. It's cheap enough and it comes in long strips so you won't run out in a hurry. I get the red stuff as it shows out well when you drop it out in the bush. Just keep it in the car for when you are out in the bush and need to make another one. If you can't get heat shrink a light thin plastic tubing will do the same job.

Step 2. Place the end of the strip over the end of the plug and cut about a half a length more than you would need to cover the plug off.

Step 3. Fold the excess at the top over itself so it is halved in height and staple the excess together.

Step 4. This is an optional step. You can quickly heat the heat shrink with a lighter but I don't bother as it's usually a snug fit as it is and I don't want it to be stuck on there from excessive heat shrinkage.

Voila you now have a handy dandy coil plug cover that protects the pins in the plug and stops any dirt getting in the plug.

If you lose it you can easily make another one in under a minute.

They are long wearing and take a lot of rough treatment.

Now to get a little bit fancy with an alternative build method:

Extra materials:
  • A plastic zip tie the bigger wider ones[/*]
  • Super glue[/*]
  • A clothes peg[/*]

Build Method:

Steps 1 and 2 are the same as above.

Step 3 is the same but instead of the staple we use a drop of super glue on the inside edge of the fold to seal the doubled over end of the excess as it won't set the metal detector off like the staple will if left on the coil cable. See where I am going with this :p You will also need a drop of super glue on the inside of the top piece also but it will be obvious as without it the end will sit up a bit.

Step 4. Place the zip tie around the coil cable down near the end with the coil plug and tighten it but leave it slightly loose so it still moves freely.

Step 5. Now trim the long top end of the zip tie so the wider section becomes the top instead of the narrow tapered end. Don't get carried away trimming it we still want the length so when bent over it reaches the coil plug.

Step 6. Now super glue the folded top piece of the heat shrink onto the top end of the zip tie and place the clothes peg over it to hold it in place. Don't get too generous with the super glue or you will have a permanent clothes peg coil plug cover 8)

Step 7. Leave it sit for about ten minutes and then remove the clothes peg.

Step 8. Now grab the coil plug cover and bend the zip tie over until you can put the coil plug cover onto the coil plug.

Voila you now have a handy dandy coil plug cover that is permanently attached so you don't lose it in the bush.

For some reason I find this version slightly annoying to use with the zip tie and cover flapping about like a flag about so I don't bother with the extra effort to make them. I guess that's why I lose so many of the regular ones though. ;)

Hope this helps someone :D

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