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Jul 12, 2013
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Golden days in the central Victorian goldfields.
Hit the jackpot the other day out the back of the wedderburn caravan found a nugget with the weight of 57.7grams now are at a bit of a loss who to sell it to. Detector company seem to offer gold price less 20% however the only one of that weight I could find was approx six thousand any advice on where to sell in victoria would be much appreciated. Amazing buzz first find this big. Thanks for all the previous advice guys. Ureka.


:cool: Champagne was flowing.

Hi all, went for a quick swing this morning.
Picked up 13 little pieces and 3 species, there is no visible gold on the larger piece of quartz
but it does give off a really good signal.
All 3 species come from the 1 hole.
Picked up with a 5000 and an 8" Detech coil



After a week in golden triangle I found my first bit of gold with my detector

It was a combined effort a mate was doing the swinging and both of us were doing the listening
I did the digging

It was a place that did not seem to be accessed by a lot if people
We just picked it off the map

It is only a small bit but has given me encouragement

A question what is that rock that sticks to the magnet but is not picked up by the detector

Thought we might have a bit of fun with some of the Gold in our possession and post a few pics of interesting pieces .
So here goes eh !
I have some pieces from the GT I would like to share and considering we have Forums for Fishing and Dogs I thought I might combine the two and send these pics .
Pic 1--" Fishing in Port Phillip Bay."
Pic 2-- " Fishing in Port Phillip Bay with Dog !"
Pic 3--"2 Dogs "'ha ha .

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