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Oct 10, 2018
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Hi Folks,
Found this unusual rock with the 2300 at the beach, it did not howl as loud as iron or steel, but at a distance of about 200mm was a very clear hum. It was captive in a hollow in the bedrock and covered in sand.
The bedrock is Boonanghi as defined by the App Trilibite - see screenshot.
It's a very interesting rock with several different features.
Any suggestions?

20240401_175700.jpgScreenshot_20240401_175950_Australian geology travel maps.jpg20240401_175612.jpg20240401_175603.jpg20240401_175555.jpg
I don't think it is a rusty lump of iron. For one it does not appear flakey.
Also it appears to include a number of 'nodules' of black crystalline material which sparkles in the light. The nodules are covered in a thin 'rusty' crystalline crust which appears to have grown on the outside. These appear to have sections 'chipped' off exposing the black interior - probably due to tumbling by wave action in a hollow in the bedrock.
The rock does not have its own magnetism, but a magnet does stick to it.
Interestingly, given its size I would expect it to send the 2300 wild but while it is a strong signal, it is nowhere near as strong a signal as I would expect from a lump of rusty iron.20240403_081315.jpg20240403_081307.jpg20240403_081411.jpg20240403_081347.jpg

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