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Jan 5, 2023
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Gold Coast
Hello all,

I recently returned from a day trip to the Torrington Plateau and Emmaville and I am seeking advise on locating/accessing historic mine sites. My son and I have a strong interest in viewing abandoned workings and mining infrastructure, in particular, we would love to see some mine shafts/adits and old equipment etc. We were only able to see some open pits and very small shafts off the side of some of the Torrington roads, and of course on the road into Emmaville. I tried to access a mine on Butlers road but it was blocked by a large fallen tree at the time. We would love to see some more significant workings and infrastructure but we could really use some advise from people with knowledge of these areas on how to access some sites without tresspassing. Note: we have no intention of entering dangerous shafts, and strongly believe in leaving sites as they are for others to enjoy. Any advice would be greatly appreacited, even for other areas in northern NSW. Thanks in advance.