Suggestions for carrying a gpx 4500 safely on a quad

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May 6, 2015
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I just bought a Suzuki 400 quad ATV. I am looking for suggestions on carrying the detector with me. I have yet to build anytining on the steel racks on the front and rear.
Padded archery bag with shoulder strap fits Minelab gpx 6000 with coils and all accessories or 6000+ 5000 with accessories (coils in separate bag)


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My detectors have done thousands of kilometres in this position. The only issue is that when you hit about 70kph the coil lifts in the wind and puts a bit of stress on the bungee.

I've put a bit of pinch mould rubber on the sharp back edge of the foot pedal, a bit of carpet glued to the rear mudguard and a bit of carpet glued into to recess in the front mudguard. My leg sits outside the detector and it never moves. I've never pressed the footbrake so that's not a problem, I usually brake with both front and rear hand brakes at the same time. If you are in bushy country you can reduce the shaft length to bring the coil height down.
Padded archery bag with shoulder strap fits Minelab gpx 6000 with coils and all accessories or 6000+ 5000 with accessories (coils in separate bag)
Can you please give the make & model of your Archery bag if you know it.?
~I was thinking about one of these type of hard shell cases for my 6000::
I like the idea of foam padding and a hard shell vase for on an ATV Quad bike. But a soft shell foam padded Archery bag would be good for inside a vehicle. I think thick soft foam padding is the best to use.
>>Maybe purchase 5cm to 7.5cm (2” to 3” inch) thick soft foam bed (sleeping) mattress then install this inside a large plastic box (crate) and make our own homemade metal detector case. Then bungee strap this case to the back of a Quad bike and/or put it inside a vehicle ready for rough bumpy roads and trails.<<
Hello i recentley bought a pair of ATV gun Holders off Ebay which i bolted to the front of our quad which has a poli crate also bolted down, the racks in question are on Ebay as vee gun racks, they range in price for $18 to $30 for a cheap pair and up to $120 for the expensive ones, i then use small occi straps to hold the GPX6000 on as where we detect we can be up to 30kms from camp and in the past i damaged a GPX5000 once, most of our detecting pals use the same set up, when its light here i will post a pic for you to see.
Here is the set up i have for carrying my detector on the front of my quad bike, i had a bad experience some years back with at that time my GPX 5000 . I had it slide off the front side ways and ran over the 12" evo coil and snapped the lower shaft with the back wheels, the detector case ended up with a dent in the side but still worked,i had been useing the quad like that with the detector laying across the front bar with no mishaps for around 4 years the coil and lower shaft were right offs so a costly lesson learnt, luckily i had a spare shaft and std minelab coilto continue otherwise it was the end of that trip, nowadays we carry 2 gpx 6000s on the front with bunnings occo straps holding them in the vees, one one way the other opposite if the Dragon is on the back, otherwise its just me and one unit, our Pilbara campsite is 12kms from the nearest detecting area we detect and its a narrow quad track in we have worn over time and bumpy as hell with three creek crossings we use and i cannot think of what damage if a detector ended up in the water or again run over!!!


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my setups. Not long after that pic I put a box on the back. Little Lady looked after me well but she’s retired from prospecting on a farm somewhere. Now I have Big Girl looking after me. As you can see how my 7 sits and never had any problems with that over all types of terrain.


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