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well i am a newbie with good gear and i am still learning how to operate the detector
so maybe i should carry the purchase docket with me
pinned to my back so the rangers can see that i bought it and not stole it

you might say well you can get training for the detector but there lies the problem with my location

the guys at gold rat (brisbane) about a 5 hour drive for a training day
but they don't do training days for the gpx5000 anymore
but they were very helpful with links to specific training videos on you tube , thanks fellers at gold rat

so that leaves me with the mob i purchased it from
they will give training if purchased new from them
then there lies another problem
it is a leisurely 2 and a half day drive (1900km) to miners den vic just for a training day

but i am lucky as there is very helpful members here that don't mind a newbie picking their brains
and asking probably to them mundane questions about how to use the mentioned machine
thanks dave and geoff

bugger i will have to rush to ebay now and try and find a rear view mirror with a belt clip on it
so i can attach it to my harness
so i can keep a rear view image of angry rangers coming to arrest me for not knowing how to use the detector as a seasoned professional
Willow said:
Hello !!!!!! It is scumbag catcher month - so how about updating this lost and found - 2years ago won't cut it.

I don't know what I'm supposedly update, it happen , I'm 3000 ks away there was several cameras around not a thing was seen yes the police have comment about the situation but there got there theories ive got mine if u lived in Kalgoorlie it hs some underlying problems ( so does half of the towns in Australia)u probably understand it just the world these days but to break into a dead man caravan mmmmm.
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