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Solid was lucky enough to see it when it rained, it's like watching a thousand waterfalls as the water cascades of it 👍 👍 Nowadays you probably couldn't get close enough to witness that. 🤔
There was a massive thunderstorm a few hours earlier. By the time I got there some water was still running down it.
You know well then of what I speak :D I did a tyre going in and waited around for a few days until one was flown in from Alice, was great to see the sunset, sunrise and the water falls.. Solid what year was it that you were there ? My time was 1974 about a month before cyclone Tracy hit Darwin
I found this abandoned emu nest while I was detecting at Paynesville recently, the eggs are pretty old as they are bleached white with age, I imagine something drastic must have happened for the birds to have abandoned it.20240506_132905.jpg20240506_132831.jpg20240506_132825.jpg20240506_132755.jpg20240506_132738.jpg20240506_132724.jpg20240506_132715.jpg

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