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Nov 23, 2014
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Hi all

Have put together a 3 piece kit in two colours ,Oz Camo or Black for the Equinox.

Kit Set

* Screen cover
* Handle Cover
* Arm Rest Cover

Cost is $45 plus Postage.
To order contact: [email protected]




They look great. Ill pass the info onto my mate who just got an Equinox today.
Detrack is away until Tuesday or Wednesday

You may not be able to email him ( I think you need 10 posts to contact someone ) but you could try

He may also see this message .
Wrecka67 said:
How do i order one of these ?

Wrecka, send me a PM

What colour and you can pay by Direct Bank deposit or if paypal is better then PM E-Mail address.

Equinox Cover Sets....very happy. Great quality at a great price (and quick delivery). Pictured are: Black on my EQ 800, and Multi-Camo on my EQ 600 (and no, not buying another EQ to get the full range of Cover Set colours...unless ML bring out an EQ 1000 ?). Thanks Dave and Deb ?
Not sure how to PM but Id like a black set please Detrack. Let me know how to order

cabwoody said:
For those who hunt at night/wear gloves and don't want to look at the control box everytime you press a button...added these adhesive domed, rubber drawer stops to the control box cover. I used 11mm for the pinpoint button and 8mm for the rest.https://www.prospectingaustralia.com/forum/img/member-images/1322/1524115434_20180415_115214-756x1008.jpg

I was having trouble selecting the on/off switch and volume controls while wearing the earphones, so I put a small drawer stop on the on/off switch. Now I don't have to take them off to use the controls.
Looks good, was thinking to get this machine for when we the family are camping at the beach...looks like a fun machine that the boys can also play with so will look into the cover set...

Sorry Detrack and hope you don't mind me asking but do you or is anyone else familiar with the EQX 15''DD again only Just for beach targets.

Hello I am in France and I would like to order you handle cover in black. How shall I do. Do you have an online store ? I guess some French Minelab wholesalers would be interested too. Can you contact me on mail ? [email protected]. Thanks.

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