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Oct 12, 2017
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Hi Hook111111,

Are you sure it's not the remnants of some rusted relic? That seems an incredibly straight edge for something natural. Or maybe even Ironstone from an Ironstone Reef? I'd be interested to read what Goldierocks makes of it. Does it seem exceptionally heavy?

Within a 200 klm radius, What approximate
location did you find it. ?

I am NOT asking for the almost exact, Just a whisper. LOL

The meteorite fields are well known.

You can PM me if you wish. :cool:
Yes, this is a bit of heavy meteorite and I found it in a meteorite field. I expect because I found next to it at a distance of 10 meters to the west. A meteor is bigger than the meteorite that I found previously. The weight of the large meteorite is 3 kg.
Definitely looks like a piece of a meteorite. Looks sort of rusted and has regmaglypts. A lot of meteorites break into pieces before they hit the ground and have straight line breakages. :Y: It looks like it's probably an ordinary chondrite so a window ground into the surface should show small shiny flecks of iron/nickel. It won't etch like an iron meteorite.