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Oct 29, 2023
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I require the help of an experienced metal detector to find a missing iphone. It is lost in a 10mtr square area of long grass, logs and brambles.
We have cleared alot of the area but have been unable to find the phone and think maybe a metal detector may be able to find it.

Would only need 1hr or less and are willing to pay. We are in Launceston.

If you can't find a nearby detectorist here, try this dealer who may be able to put you in touch with someone or hire you a machine:
From my detecting experience, a mobile phone is an easily detectable target, so you could also try a local pawn shop for a cheap detector that you could sell back to them when you finish with it.
I presume being a teen phone find my wasn’t activated, if it was you should have it’s last known location, play sound even in silent mode and be able to mark as lost which disables the phone and gives an option to leave a message on the Home Screen eg your contact details, if it’s found and a notification if it’s happens to be found and switched on.