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I looked around an old wheat belt school site. I think the school was opened around 1910 and was removed in the 50's. There was no sign of any sort of structure at all.

I thought I'd find more. Ended up with a couple of six pence.

I usually detect along the river - these were in much better condition than what I usually find.

Visited a small town out from Perth on the weekend.

I figured there might be some coins in the bush between the old race course and the town centre. Some one else had the same idea - there were holes every where.

I got a 1917 Penny and my hunting partner got a Half Penny.

Is that a pigs lower jaw?

I found what turned out to be an part of an antique dog whistle yesterday.

I made up a new brass threaded rod and lock nut ( not quite like the original ones) and now it works again.
I thought the lock ring I found near it was for the whistle, but it was a different thread size.




This is what they should look like;

What area did you find , finds indicate a wicken area or potential witch area. Superb finds
Just along the river in the sand. It's an open area with lots of traffic going by.

I have found some nice white crows skulls but they were in a different area.
I had a look in a paddock across from a mid 1850s convict depot.

I found a Royal Miners & Sappers military button.

Made between 1847-1854 by Firmin & Son who were founded in 1655 and are still trading.

Royal Sappers & Miners Button (1).jpg


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Had a look along the beach near Augusta (WA).

Other than ring pulls I only found a handful of spent 1920-1940 303 shells.

Had a look in some bush at a local park.

I found this coin like brass disk. It turns out it's the base of an 1850's match holder.

match base_0001.jpg

The story is that after turning off your gas light, you'd open it and grab a match from inside.
You'd light a match by striking it on the base.
The lit match would be placed in the hole on the top which would give you 30 seconds of light to get into bed.

Hopefully I'll find the rest when I go back there.