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May 16, 2023
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Flinders, vic
Just joined, into camping and panning. Thinking about a detector someday, but the wallet says no at the moment. I live on the Mornington peninsula. Do most of my panning up at slaty Creek. Would love to find something closer to home, but local creeks are overgrown with weeds and there isn't much public access. I've found a couple of flakes and a sapphire near home, but that's a lot of work.
Hi EJ.
Apart from the small and difficult to access diggings at Tubbarubba, not a lot on offer around the Mornington peninsula and afraid you would probably need to travel further to the well known goldfields to have a decent chance with a detector.
Gem hunting is a different matter. Here is a matrix of gems and localities in Victoria. While the finds have been generally authenticated, the size and qualities of the gems found have generally been on the poorer side. Still as a hobby a find is a find and something you can tick off your list.
If you are able to get legal access to any creek, give it a go with the pan and examine your heavies minutely with a magnifier. You may be surprised.
Good Luck.

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