Garrett Axiom in North Queensland

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My Axiom videos and pictures, like other PI detectors I use go to specific PI detector Facebook page, where other people that have same interest in using PI detectors can watch, post and participate.
A bit like sitting around a camp fire after a days outing and chatting, face to face.
If it's relevant to the topic links to other sites are welcome.
There is no issue in linking to the Facebook group to allow members to see your feedback, video & pictures on the Axiom (as long as it's not about self-promotion or advertising).

Many would regard this forum as a similar "camp fire after a days outing and chatting, face to face" type social media?

Again user feedback can offer a lot more insight than just reading a manual (which only tells you a detector might be suitable & basic operations).
Not sure why the reluctance to give a firm opinion here?
Pete be interested to get your feed back / thoughts once you have had a chance to swing? 👍
Will do Bogger,
I got it specifically for the gold fields, I was going to get the 6000, but settled for the Axiom and not just price, have been following the Axiom ever since they have been around, so hope I have made the right decision, I feel confident I have, I think it will suit me, even though I have seen the 6000's working.

Won't get out until about end of May, and can't wait. will use the time until then local, and tunning to my ears.
But I haven't got it yet! Haha, Friday I hope.

Cheers. 👍
Going by the Garrett Users FB page Axiom users are getting very good results !
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Another TNQ beach outing.
An enjoyable day with the Axiom fitted with the supplied DD-FC coil.
Prefer the elliptical Mono coil when beach detecting as it "to me" give better target info.


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Axiom still worth taking to the beach for a swing.


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Not reluctant to give my opinion on the Garrett Axiom, but since very few people use their PI detectors for beach hunting there don't seem much point in expend to much time in doing so.
PI detectors are my preferred choice on many salt water beaches.
The Garrett Axiom is very capable, it also have ground eliminating ability which make it useful on black sand covered ocean beaches, or salt beaches that give VLF including SMF detectors a hard time as the black sand is below the surface and only visible when digging down 6/8 inches.
I don't mind first hand gold, nor second hand gold which can usually be used straight after a rinse.
White 375 gold ring in picture on left give a distinct Low/High sound on the Axiom whereas items on the right give a High/Low sound.
Helpful if looking for a gold ring on a beach/park after a party.
950 PT ring is also High/Low, so best not to dismiss that sound combination.


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My 1984 first Garrett PI Detector a Sea-Hunter XL 500, a decade before my SD 2000 became available.
No motion detection, No GB, so useless on black sand ocean beaches and gold prospecting.
Found many a piece of gold jewellery in the ocean and beaches.
Sea-Hunter for the sea, Axiom for land.


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