Advice pls, relic finding in Victorian goldfields

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Jun 15, 2024
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Melbourne Victoria
My 11-year-old has a new metal detector and is really keen to find old stuff, especially coins. He is a history buff and monetary value is not important. Any tips on where to look in Castlemaine/Maldon would be much appreciated!!! Thank you :)
That's great, he'll get way more benefit from getting his hands dirty in the outdoors looking for treasure, than he ever would peering at a screen all the time like so many modern kids.

1. Central Victoria has plenty of ruins of old houses in paddocks. Find out the property owner and seek their permission to hunt the area around the ruins.

2. Study old maps (any library should be able to provide at least some local history books), and look for now abandoned old sports fields and racecourses. Find out who owns the land today and seek their permission to hunt the area.

Unfortunately, as a young bloke, he (and you) will need to be careful where he uses the detector in public, to avoid unwanted attention from bullies and thieves. Detecting on private land may help to avoid some of those potential issues.