Where to find interesting rocks to cut and polish in the Gladstone area

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Jan 10, 2013
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I'm just getting back into cutting and polishing rocks after maybe a 40 year break and am living in Tannum Sands near Gladstone, qld.

I have plenty of jasper and petrified wood from the Boyne River to work with but would like some other rocks to cut and polish.

Does anyone know of places around Gladstone or Tannum that may be a source for some agate or other interesting rocks.


Hi Greg,

Maybe start with something like nationalmap.gov.au, hit explore map data and search for surface geology (screenshot below for surface geology), then click on a few spots to find the descriptions of rocks. These are quite broad, but usually help you narrow down the sorts of minerals you are more likely to find ina given area. In addition you can add other state data so have a look around when you click on the explore map data button. Hope this helps.