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BigL said:

I do know of one battery still operating, cant remember exactly, think it was around Castlemaine somewhere. Several small mines that operate today in the GT truck in their workings and use it, maybe touch base with a few of the smaller mine operators. Alternately call Fosterville Mines (Kirkland Lake Gold) and ask them if they can help or steer you

Sovereign Hill Ballarat has a working battery, other than that there are 6 remaining State Batteries in Victoria but I don't know if any are still working - they are Creswick, Maldon, Wedderburn, Rutherglen, Bright and Mt Egerton.
Greenhornet. That's one dirty babies hand! lol. wiley. :playful:
wiley coyote said:
HI James. Where's he based, and, can I contact him? wiley

Wiley, not 100% sure where he is located I think Ballarat area.

if thats close enough let me know i will be seeing him over Xmas

Mike678 said:

If there is no visible gold, you need one of these . I have not used it yet , got it direct from the USA, no problems . Hard to get one in Australia . All up cost around AUD$500 , order the handle at the same time .

Any luck with the falcon in a mine???
Iv used one in AZ when. I was dry washing / blowing worked great.never thought in a hard rock mine
Hey Wiley where are you based. Im in N,east Victoria and have a small Jaw crusher, Impact mill, Rod mill, and also a small 2 head stamper battery that im just putting the final touches to.
Very interested Jethro
Can you let me know more details please ?

I've not seen a stamper working but I doubt they crush the ore better than an impact crusher. Where the stamper has the advantage is in the manner it collects the gold. Copper plates are/were coated in mercury that gets scraped off the plates and separated from the collected gold in a retort after the crushing is complete. A good impact crusher will process 2t of rock quite quickly a minimal cost.
stamp batteries also can take a larger feed size. This suited the old timers where RoM ore could be fed to the stamp battery directly without a primary crushing step, which wouldve required tranporting in yet another large heavy expensive bit of kit all the way out there.
For free gold in quartz a stamp battery is generally fine since the quartz fractures easily where the gold is along preexisting crystal dislocation weak spots created when the gold precipitated from hydrothermal solution.