Homemade highbanker made from Gold rat river sluice

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Sep 16, 2023
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Just posting a video of my highbanker, 95% of gold the highbanker captures is on top mat ( Bunnings carpet) doesn't even make it to dream matt, Will either be in top carpet or moss thought i would post to give you guys some ideas

Dimensions are

1100m long hopper box
250mm wide

1.2m sluice run
254mm wide (10 inch)
Bunnings carpet on top
Moss in the crash box
Dream matting on the bottm

Next modifications is a trommel barrel on top of it, So it will be a 3 layers trommel monster :D

Total cost under 600
I'm not a metal worker and not very good with it but this was easy, Hardest part was making the crashbox just winged it aye and it worked first try Folded 0.5mm aluminum for crashbox with non backed moss

Reason i used 0.5mm is cause i don't have a folder so hard to get small bits precise, I have a 4mm gap to fit it inbetween and this gave me room for stuff ups

I have made a couple of modifications since this video i will post the new video when i get my phone working again

(i ran over it when i went detecting) (i found 0.04 peice that day for a smashed phone not ideal)


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