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Aug 27, 2016
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Northeast Vic, VIC
The fire sale continues!!

GPX 6000. Just out of warranty. Bit of a story to it but gives you a good background.

Has worked perfectly for 3 years. Audio update was done last year. Only annoyances for me were fine cracks in the coil ears and one of the batteries was not lasting as long as it should.

Fast forward to mid April this year in W.A. and the detector was shutting off intermittently. Annoying but it would turn back on and work no problems. Got through the trip and found just shy of an ounce of gold.

Coming back from WA 2 weeks ago I stopped into Minelab in Adelaide. Brendon from Minelab put my 2 batteries in, gave them both a little wiggle and the machine turned off. Has seen it before. It is just the housing that the battery sits in and the connection it makes. He took the 6000 out the back and fixed that issue.

He also tested both of my batteries - 1 was good and the other was dying, which I knew. Gave me a new battery.

The 11" coil cracks in the coil ears - gave me a new 11" coil.

He also tested the detector in general and he said "something" wasn't quite right so he replaced the main PCB! Nice! That was a bit of a strange one because as far as I was concerned it had been working perfectly (except for the battery issue). It had been finding absolute specks in WA with the 17" coil.


Brand new main PCB - see paperwork.
Brand new 11" coil - see paperwork.
Brand new battery and a spare battery tested as all good by Minelab - see paperwork.
Original receipt from Outback Prospector can be provided to buyer.
17" and 14" DD coil. Have just ordered a new 17" coil cover from Nenad as the old one is just about done.
The box, the 240 and 12V chargers, the headphones and all the other bits that come in the box.
A guide arm.
A cable protector where it enters the detector.

The 17"coil, the spare battery, the cable protector and the guide arm are extra to what comes in the basic box.

Considering all of the main bits are brand new I am asking $7,500 (they are $9,000 new now).

I am in Northeast Vic but am often in Bendigo/the GT/Melbourne.

Would much prefer to handover face-to-face but will post with express, tracking and insurance at buyer’s expense.

Cash in my hand or money in my account and cleared before handing over/sending.

Will be listed elsewhere and already have someone mulling it over so may be removed from sale.

Cheers, N.E.

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