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Ive been running a 175w renogy panel and a 100ah renogy lithium for close to a year now , powering a waeco cfx65 set to 2c, lighting and charging all that’s been depleted during the day, it normally drops down to around 80-85% overnight, by around 9 its usually back to 100% if the suns out.
If I ever take the monkey again I’ll pull the battery and give it a go or run and charge the battery on the trip up using the cars 12v and pull the battery on arrival,but like hilux mentioned the insulations not the best, more a picnic esky with a compressor.
I reckon it chews just about the same power as the waeco
a mate has a couple of the brass monkey fridges ,he has had them for a few years and no probs that i am aware off

i looked at them myself at one staged, but what concerned me the most was that there is no tie down points on them
it was the 30 odd litre one i was looking at, and the shop staff said just put a ratchet strap over the lid and tie it down
i said that would work with a plastic hollow lid you idiot

so he suggested i get the cover for it ,it has handles on it to tie it down ,i had a look at the cover and just walked out of the shop ,there is no way the handles on the cover would hold it down either

my mate loves them but he has not travelled anywhere with them sitting on the floor of his caravan ,which i have brought it to his attention but he is one of those blokes that cannot see a problem with it bouncing around the caravan :rolleyes:

my old evakool uses the metal carry handles as tie down points the same as a lot of other brands
Thanks Mate. I only wanted it to carry in the car for short trips and the like (already have a larger one) so not too worried about tying down. Ended up going for a smaller 25ltr metal case fridge. Black Friday sales got it down to $169 + $12 freight so will see how it goes
Good afternoon i thought i would put my 2 cents worth in regards Brass monkey fridge freezers, I bought my first portable fridge a Engel 40 litre and then a 60 litre in the late ninetys both worked really well even though the really ate battery storeage, in 2016 when the Dragon and i decided to retire i passed the Engels on to both of our sons, and we went shopping for a large fridge freezer combo, i walked into Rtm in Doxon rd Rockingham and they had a Demo stainless 100 litre unit on special for $799.00 i decided to buy in veiw of the fact it was made by lg and as we already had some LG products they all seemed really good, the 100 litre unit has been absolutely fabulous having now done 8 Pilbara trips amd also various trip to Perth when ever we go there to bring back home cold stuff, on the freezer cycle on the smaller side it will freeze beers in under a hour, recently i buggered the 12 volt plug and found out Annaconda in perth sold a longer one that also fitted several other brands, now we have decided to take longer trips away especially in 2024 at least three months in the bush we bought a second unit which is 80 litres this fits across where the bakc seat was and this gives us the security of everything either frozen or cold and i can set the temps on both with the app on my phone which is another bonus, we can run both almost constant on solar and batteries (4x140AH agms) 300 watts of solar panels, anyways just my 2 bobs worth hope its of interest to you guys.
we can run both almost constant on solar and batteries (4x140AH agms) 300 watts of solar panels, anyways just my 2 bobs worth hope its of interest to you guys.

That's good & interesting to know that 300W of panels will keep up with the two fridges.

I imagine 4 x 140Ahr batteries would last a good 2 days + with no sun as well.

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