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Been watching an American magnet fisher for a few years now. Some of the stuff he pulls out of rivers and creeks is crazy. Looks like a fun hobby.
My 160kg magnet is just hanging around waiting for the rivers to run 😂

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Simmo bought one and I've been waiting to see what he's found but I think he must be too busy finding gold to be putting his posts up 😏
Any updates Simmo.

One of our young blokes has done well retrieving fuggets of all shapes and sizes with his magnet hanging off a 6 metre piece of rope. When he showed me the magnet I thought, that'll be a waist of time. Turns out he loves it 😅 the fun is in the doing which beats watching YouTube videos. Nothing of value to report other than the value of it's good fun if you like fishing for shite.
We have a couple now. Ben and I go out sometimes.
Always hoping for that knife or pistol to hand to police but only got junk so far!!
Just wait til ya hook onto a shopping trolley or stolen bike Phil!!! (no going in after it 'coz of crocs!)

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