Australia's Mining Ghost Towns

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I seen it but some are missing from the list.

SA looks like they have some cool places.

There has to be a sovereign out there somewhere..
Mary K QLD is not even a town, just roads and one big hole in the ground. Wish I had my md when I was up there.
Hi Mick, was there Many years ago, the property out of Neriga had a mine on it and was managed by Jack Carney, the owner was a Pitt st farmer, lawyer/banker/doctor or something sorry don't remember his name, the property was 65,000acres, if you are in the area and ask about jack and his wife Irene someone may have some memories of them, also one of the sons name was Brian, a very very nice family, good luck with your search
A number of these are going strong still - best check any you intend to drive to, so as not to be disappointed. Only problem is that many of the true "ghost towns" have no buildings - the problem of towns in our forests rather than in the deserts of southwest USA.
The New South Wales section completely fails to mention Lionsville, Solferino and Lunatic.

Solferino in the 1870s.


Lionsville as at 1935


Garibaldi gold mine boiler on the old site of Solferino


Garibaldi calcite crystal mine which was a huge tourist attraction in the 1880s at Solferino
Some great links there thanks all. Not sure if Dalmorton NSW got a mention? That still has some buildings and is a great camping place. Old mines in the hills too