Victoria's last goldrush

Jan 10, 2015
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Victoria's last gold rush to a new goldfield was in Combienbar in 1931, where Noel Stagg discovered the Baby Endeavour reef that was mostly sulphide, not gold, but extremely high grade. Other minor discoveries followed. Very rich but small. It was the Great Depression, and once news got out there was a line of cars along the Princes Highway and stretching north to Combienbar

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Noel went on to develop other older mines, at Bullumwaal, the Queens Birthday at Goldsborough, the Ivanhoe mine in PNG. I explored there in recent years and met Noel's niece, Agnes Stagg, who used to prospect with him, and we corresponded for years by snailmail. I still have her last letter before her death, with a slug of PNG gold magic-taped to it.

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