v5 Victorian Cricket Buckle Book

Aug 15, 2017
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hi all,

What a year! v5 finished: 970 Cricket Buckles(195 unique wording or phrase combinations), 166 Non-Cricket Buckles (45 Nautical, 55 Sporting, 66 Other)
v4 had 849 cricket buckles, so ~1 in 10 are new.

Again, a big thank-you to all the detectorists, collectors, and the numerous people that have helped me to improve this resource.

https://bit.ly/thebucklebook - It still takes you to a cover with the old name - its an issue with GoogleDrive that I can't change/fix.

The book is now 185M in size, and will not preview in web browsers, so to view, download it, and open the PDF book locally. From a PC, this is usually done by right clicking on the link, and selecting 'save as'

As always, happy to receive any corrections on any errors you find!


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