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2lateagain said:
Ok, thanks for the answers, looks like we have to try and find more jewellery, nothing so far. Get $4.90 first evening, $2.40 on the second, $0.55 cents on the third and nothing except bottle tops and lead last night. Seems like we are heading in the wrong direction, thought that the beach's we did would be good as have big caravan parks above them, but it looked like only the drinkers carry things down there and leave them.

I've found the reverse to be true. I suspect that park residents and/or regular campers use detectors to clean up the coin and jewellery losses daily, especially during busy holiday periods.
Not the same thing but I bought a set of ultrasonic brushes from Aldi, biggest POS Ive got from there...usually their stuff is usually of decent and merchantable quality but in this instance I was inclined to press charges for fraud lol.
You couldnt clean your teeth with these :N:
I would think ultra sonic would remove dirt but not oxidation (unless chunky). As a side note table salt and vinegar will remove oxidation from copper easily.
as a coin collector I have to say 'be careful & wary of cleaning old coins'. Doing so in a tumbler is about the worst thing you can do for a coins value, ultrasonic can be ok, but be careful
An old coin with patina can be worth more than one that has been cleaned back to bare metal.
do not use 'Coke' or any acidic cleaner on a coin if you intend to ever sell it (Coke contains dilute phosphoric acid, the stuff they put in Mag/Alloy wheel cleaner. It strips the oxidised surface layer off)
Ok, thanks ded driver, I was sort of hopeful of not finding too many 'old' coins as we have a tin full of old pre decimal coins that the last time someone looked through them we were told that there was nothing of value, so I am forever hopeful that we will only find money that we can spend on more detecting gear :lol: :lol: :lol: good quality jewellery is ok to.

grubstake, I think what the problem with our beach is that there are no local shops close and so the persons using the beach leave the valuables at the van park and just walk down for a swim, there is nowhere close that needs money, further along the beach nearer where the shopping centre is where we have had the most success. Met one detectorist (traveller) in one of the van parks and he had about the same success as us, so he was sticking to the end nearer the shops also.

Just some questions to someone who may have the Aldi Ultrasonic Cleaner, we picked one up this morning and have put in a few coins found on the beach, using water with a couple of drops of detergent and they have had possibly a total of about 10 minutes to breaks to cool, at this stage not a great deal has happened, the water has gone very slightly brown and there is small amount of residue on the bottom of the cleaner, but none of the coins look much different, how long do they normally get left if they are not badly marked, these are mostly ones that have been in the sand for some time and lost their shine. One 5 cent coin has a dark film over it, but nothing seems to be happening with it.

I use lemon juice .

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