Turon State Forest


Feb 11, 2020
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St.Clair, NSW
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Are there any members that have experience/success prospecting within Turon State Forest? I have researched the area via all the regular methods but have failed to find anything of any substance. Historically speaking, the area largely seems to have been void of mining activity.

Apparently, there were 5 gold leases across Reedy Creek (no further information found) and some unidentified diggings (suspected to be Chinese) to the north (also no further information found), but otherwise completely void of activity.

I have been out there a couple of times on day trips to Reedy Creek, but found little of interest. I did locate what appeared to be a trench that looked like it would lead to an Adit, but it was very heavily overgrown and I could not get a good view. It's a difficult area to navigate.

Any information would be appreciated.

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