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Sep 26, 2013
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Home-Waikiki, Prospect-Leonora
condor22 said:
EPIRB - designed to be used with marine vessels and are registered to a vessel.
ELT - are used in aviation and registered to an aircraft.
PLB - for individuals and registered to a person.

You can carry a PLB on water, i.e. River or Coastal, but they do not negate the requirement for an EPIRB.

Condor22, I have a GME MT600G EPIRB that I bought to be legal going more than 2KM offshore in my boat, did ask the retailer if I could have it with me when I went prospecting.
The answer was a firm "NO! you will have to buy a second one." I declined the 20% discount for two!
Went home and checked with marine authorities (WA) and they advised me that "one" EPIRB can be registered for both land and sea and that the retailer was trying to gouge the cost for a second purchase.
Needless to say I went back to the retailer and made it quite clear in front of many other customers in the store he was a liar, cheat and a disgrace.
Thought I was going to have to dodge a gidgee or a filleting knife when his face became bright red and he waved me out of the store.
Actually had two customers follow me out of the store and comment, "Good on you."

Hope you haven't been ripped off Condor?


Dec 16, 2013
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Adelaide, SA
Nope, I don't have a boat. Bit difficult to tow a boat and a caravan at the same time, lol.

The GME Accusat is around $300 new, a replacement battery is over $200, only done by GME in Sydney and is only a 1 year warranty on refurbished PLBs.

The KTI is $269 (Snowys Outdoors) 10 year Warranty, I think that's about the best deal I can found.

Re my previous post, I checked the AMSA website re what and where. I would suggest that if you have an EPIRB initially for maritime and want to use it on land, they may still need to know that, to save looking for for your boat in the middle of the Simpson Desert, lolol.

I think I mentioned on the other posts, my main reason for having one is I mostly detect alone (Victoria). Although not far from civilisation, or people, if I fall, can't walk etc and no means of raising the alarm, I have the PLB on the harness, so someone can come get me. In W.A. I reckon a PLB is a must. :)
Jul 20, 2019
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Anyone out there using the Thuraya XT lite sat phone? The wife thinks we need one for remote area travel and camping. Sat phone sales have them at a reasonable price with a casual phone plan. What's another $1000 ? Also what's a good complete cover for break down towing from remote areas?


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Jan 19, 2016
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I use the XT Lite for remote travel, like Cape York and around Australia. $15pm. I disconnect when not travelling saving the monthly costs.
It's a great little unit.

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