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They were a couple I always wanted to meet! Their videos brought me so much joy! Liz is so infectious with her excitement and Wal was just so true- blue, down to earth and full of humility! I would so love to have met him.

Rest in peace mate and may the Lord give Liz comfort and peace while heaven prepares a massive party for your arrival.

Members might like to know that Liz has posted a kind of tribute video to Wal on YouTube. Thanks Wal for your contribution to the forum and to the knowledge bank for amateur prospectors like myself.

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I know I'm very late but this thread has hit me pretty hard.

In reverse order I was saddened deeply to hear the news of Wals passing.

Indeed the prospecting world and (early) members of PA will remember him fondly, as I do. Condolences to Liz and family. Ill miss his altruism and enthusiasm, and his kind guidance. I can appreciate a man who despite his gruffness and passion, also has a kind heart and soul. Rest in peace Wal.

To Jaros' family I also extend my condolences. I dont really remember a time I saw eye to eye with him in all honesty, but I respect his long standing dedication and drive, certainly even in times of health issues he was always attentive here at PA. I still have a smile for him for all the unseen good he did.

And lastly, I was a bit shocked to hear of The Ducks passing. By all accounts Trevor was well loved , and I had great admiration for his ongoing contributions both here and in life. Ive met more than a few people who had only good words to say of him, which says quite a deal about a man's character. Again, (much) belated condolences to his family.