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Nov 6, 2017
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Northeast said:
Star Wars marathon with the kids.

Number 6, Return of the Jedi done and dusted.

So no QED vid tonight. Itll happen at some stage :Y:
No worries. Will look forward to it on the weekend maybee.
Have you watched the mandalorian? If you like star wars you will probably love mandalorian..
Oct 23, 2019
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G'Day All

I would like to clear up a couple of things about my QED experience. As some people are using this as an example as to not buy QED.

The QED was my first ever detector purchase, so my knowledge on the working of detectors was zero. True my experience didn't start to well as you have all read. My luck I got a bad coil and if I was an experience user I probably would have worked this out very early. Therefore most of my problems would not have even happened. I did finally work this out with help from people help on forums (By the way this is why we post is it not, to help and be helped).

As the service provided by QED is excellent, I got a fresh start with new coil and Detector (The fact I got a replacement Detector as well is a testament to QED exceptional customer service. QED did not have to do this, but product pride is paramount for them, not just a pay check. I don't think any other brand would a have done this) I forgot all about my previous experiences and started again.

Anyone who uses this experience as an example of product quality is just grasping at straws. I know other brands have had their share of product malfunctions as well.

As you will read I have found gold with my QED and am extremely confident that I will find more. I am so confident that yesterday, when my wife said I could buy latest GPX version , I turned down the offer. If I could afford a GPZ AND I lived in an area where I could use it everyday, sure I would buy one, but this is not the case. I am confident that I have bought what suites my budget, detecting opportunities and is equal to the task.

Prior to COVID lock down Trip Update.

Last month I traveled down to Victoria for my nieces birthday. While there I took the opportunity to have a swing around the GT. I met up with Goldman for a mornings training which was extremely informative. My knowledge of the QED jumped dramatically with regards to target identification and manipulation of the settings. While with Goldman I found a Three pence the photo of which is on the QED Facebook site. I also had my son with me so Goldman kindly lent him his QED for a swing. We also visited Howard for the latest Firmware for my QED. I am very thankful to Goldman and Howard for all their help, training and professional attitude.

I then had a look around Castlemaine, Maryborough ( Where I visited the Goldcentre and bought a Coiltek 14" Elite, I had to buy something :playful: ) I didn't find any gold in these spots just heaps of junk.

I then met up with Jackpot for two days. We detected around WHROO where Jackpot found 4 small bits and I found one .4g piece.

I then headed home back to Brisbane. A truly enjoyable week. I put into practice what Goldman taught me and now I am extremely confident in my target ID and capabilities of this detector

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