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Shaun B. Rowe
May 4, 2020
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Albanvale, VIC
Well, I thought it was about time to write an opener, an introduction about, well, me :)

Name: Shaun Rowe
Nicknames: rowie, Dodge or fish
Age: Not as old as my car!
Loc: Albanvale, the arse end of St Albans and the arm pit of Deer Park, Melbourne!
Status: Married (again) to the Beautiful Belinda
Sprogs: Yes, 3! 2 kidults, 1 Teenado and 3 GORGEOUS grandsprogs!
LOML: My 1936 D2 Dodge Sedan (resto-rod)
Equipment: SFA
Experience: See above :)

Self Employed as a broken pensioner, lol!! I paint landscapes and other subject in acrylics and oils, I used to be an airbrush artist and auto spraypainter, painted my share of vehicles including cars, bikes, boats and anything that stayed still long enough!
I was a computer/IT/network engineer and had my own successful business for a number of years before before it all turned to mud!
I still love doing my craftwork and working with leather and wood having been a leathercraftsman for near 40 years and have always loved working with wood, the smell of a nice piece of timber is intoxicating!!
I have mainly been making toy boxes for my grand kiddies and other projects as my body permits. I would love to have a wood lathe, a thicknesser, a tablesaw/router station and possibly a laser cutter one day. All highly impossible given current conditions.

With my leather work I used to make everything from custom belts and simple key tags through to beautiful hand carved, hand sewn, silver laden show saddles and, apart from the saddles, would love to do it all again if I can get my health in order!

Now, in regards to my stupid body! Back in the dark ages, when I was a wee lad all of 10 years of age, I went everywhere on horseback, school, the local shops, everywhere!! I even went hunting, fishing and prospecting with my Pa, all over Victoria and NSW it seemed but in reality it was to some of the most amazing properties owned or managed by people that my Pa knew or family and I loved every minute!!

Sadly, my Pa was taken from us before his time, before I had time to know who these friends were and I was devastated by his passing that I turned my back on those adventures and buried myself into my work. A few years after Pa's passing my father became very ill and unable to travel for many years before he passed. Like a fool I never thought to ask him of the places we took our adventures so I could take my own kids, I was so lost in my grief and in my work I never gave thought to what would be lost when he left us.

Then, in late 2008, while working by myself I managed to damage my neck pretty badly, over the next 3 years or so I ended up having 3 operations that left me in constant pain and a neck full of metal that SADLY DOESN'T set off the metal detectors at the airport 8.( 8.( 8.(

Also left me with both shoulders needing repair and lower back damage from many years of heavy manual labour as a hydraulic engineer.

So all up, my hearing is shot from working in the mines, my eyesight is stuffed from living, my lungs are well stuffed but I think my toes are ok ;) ;) :D :D :D

I love being outside, I used to love fossicking digging around, I loved the thrill of finding those lost treasures from years gone, finding anything worth coin was just a bonus, I wont tell you of all the precious items that my ex sent to the tip while I was in hospital for an extended stay, you would loose your last meal for sure!

As such, like more than a few I'm sure, I'm broke and have the only tools given to me by God and a shovel and pick, I have what energy I have when I have it, the willingness to learn and the desire to help others where I can.

That pretty much sums me up, If you have any questions please fill out the appropriate form located on the table in the lobby and deposit said form in the questions box provided along with $5.00 and a stamped self-addressed envelope and email accordingly ;) ;)

But, above all, never stop smiling, have faith in something, stay safe and don't be afraid to love!
Aug 11, 2013
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S.E.Qld., QLD
Welcome to the club D2D. Many of us have similar probs here , me included. 6 Back procedures and 2 lots of fusions-nearly the whole spine now.
Keep cheerful and smiling,
Nov 5, 2018
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I like your outlook on life Shaun. Life can be hard for us but with a positive attitude we can move on and still enjoy life. I have a tongue in cheek statement which I share when I talk to people, "It's tough being a pensioner but somebody has to do it," said with a huge smile on my face. The fact is I love being retired as I have so much time on my hands even if I don't have a lot of money. I enjoy getting out in nature to enjoy the great outdoors and the pleasure of finding those specks of gold in the pan or the sweet sound of the metal detector when it picks up that nice piece of gold.

Who knows, we may meet out in the field one day at one of the popular gold fossicking areas and we can reminisce on the good old days.

Happy Prospecting :D

B n B
Mar 10, 2016
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G'day D2Dodge/Rowie/Fish and Shaun welcome to PA mate very informative intro :Y: Wow you sure have an interesting life story, would love to hear a few more over a beer around the fire :fire: :beer: one day. Keep posting in any thread that grabs your interest. All the best when you get a chance to get amongst it all keep an eye on the meet ups I'm sure you will have a ball just like the rest of us :beer:
Jan 15, 2020
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Great to read your story mate and looking forward to some more.
Many times l start a post and it gets so long because you need all the information to get it right.
Trying to condense it a little is hard
I mostly get to a point where l say f it and don't post it thinking no one wants to read this.

I'm a stickler for getting it right
Enjoyed your story mate


Big Wave
Jan 19, 2016
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Great intro Shaun :Y:
Welcome to PA mate, where the elderly are struggling with ailments, but loving living with what we do.


Ross Langlands
Jun 17, 2013
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Mate...Shaun I read your intro with great pleasure. Your sense of dry humour resonates with me and your grief and regret over the death of your Pa mirrors very closely my own sentiments over the loss of mine.Like you I am retired as many of us are so we know where your coming from mate and at sometime I would be honoured to make your acquaintance.Oh the tyranny of distance! I laid bricks for twenty years before changing direction after the death of my mentor and brother and went on to attain my diploma in my back is a mess as well :cool: Welcome to the Forum mate and you might like to view some of our scribblings in the Poetry Section. :8 :playful: And you never know sometime we might catch up with yer...out on the diggins. :Y: :cool:

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