Good Australian snake video


Big Wave
Jan 19, 2016
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I hear that snakes have a very short memory, so if you stop moving, they will forget you and soon move on.
My daughter has encountered many in her role as an environmental scientist, and that's what she also advises.
Has even trodden on a few, just eases up slowly and lets them go.
No BS.
Sep 11, 2014
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Great video Matt and something that should be shown in schools and on mainstream tv.

One of my biggest regrets in life was on my honeymoon in Bemm River Vic a few years back when a Red Belly Black decided to come into our camp, we had a 6 month old Jack Russell on a long rope at the time. I took the shovel and banged the ground well in front of the snake to try and turn it away but it would pause then continue to keep venturing closer into the camp, it had plenty of time to move off and it was only when it was headed for our tent under the lean too that I made the decision that if I don't do something now then we won't know where the snake would be hiding, I've felt bad ever since but my family came first.

Since then I have made the effort to not be scared of snakes, I actually get a buzz from seeing them and treat them with the upmost respect, I've had them slither over my feet while fishing creeks, stood on them by accident and slowly moved back, had them rear up in front of me and we greet each other then slowly part ways, all while fishing creeks but rarely seen them while prospecting.

A couple of years ago while crevassing a creek in West Gippsland with my good mate Brendan we came across 3 snakes, what we thought were Red Bellies were actually Copper Heads and managed to capture some of it on video, although a little long winded it's a treasured memory of how beautiful nature is. Now whenever I'm out detecting or fishing I always look out for snake, not to be spooked by them but hoping to get the chance to watch their beauty as they go about their business, I always feel blessed to see a snake now instead of feeling fear.


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