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They're the one's that have 4 year old 7000's with 2/3 days use in the cupboard.
Bought 1 last year 2hrs use with the 19" coil (he only wanted the big nuggets) 14" never put on machine, unused minelab 35 pointer + more extras $6,500 the lot 🤑 2hrs use cost him $2,000 an hr. He didn't find any gold!
metal detecting aint for everyone I's always been that way....I always advise newchums to hire a detector before buying one to see if they like it!
If it's a 7000 try 10 or below
No mate haven't got a flash 7000 just a 4500 which i am still learning about but have been finding some small bits but all very close to the surface. This made me think i should have been finding some a bit deeper. The feedback about running a deeper tone may help. Will give it a good shot next week. Thanks for your input. Cheers

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