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Feb 19, 2013
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Maitland, NSW
There has been a bit of turmoil in the forum lately with the new software being introduced and some other issues.
We have recently added 2 new moderators and they are already doing great work both in helping members and lots of work in the back end. Doing some much needed housework, cleaning out old sales post for one thing.

The new Mods, Mbasko and grubstake have also brought a lot of enthusiasm and it is a bit contagious. Tath and I are lifting our game partly in response to this renewed drive.

We are working together and discussing the best actions to take moving forward. Be warned that we are going to be firm but fair by sticking by the Forum rules.

We have also decided to reboot the COIN and FIND of the month competitions. Always a bit of fun and we hope to have a couple of prizes for the best FIND and COIN of the year.

On a personal note. I have been pretty much absent from PA for a couple of years. Personal reasons. Many of the older members will know me as well as those around Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. I had already started to participate more due to changed circumstances, mainly a new job.

So full disclosure. My new job is working in a prospecting, detecting shop. I'm working with Clegy at Aussie Detectorist.

That's it for now. Get out there and find some shiny stuff.

Ramjet (Rod) and the Mod Squad
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